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Inside is the new outside. Whether working from home, relaxing, or sleeping: we spend a large part of our time indoors. Therefore, ensuring the air inside is fresh is a good idea. However, it is not uncommon for the outside air to be more polluted than the air inside the home. This is why the powerful Kärcher AF air purifiers are the perfect solution, as they not only reliably filter out pollen and fine dust that find their way inside when you open the window, but they also effectively and quietly remove viruses, household dust, and unpleasant odours from the air in the room. Fresh and clean air is especially important for allergy sufferers. Air purifiers really make a difference — and you notice it with every breath you take.

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Kärcher Inside is the new outside.

Why it’s smart to use an air purifier in your home.

If you’ve ever wondered how important air is, simply try holding your breath for a few seconds. For us to feel good and be able to work, learn, or regenerate effectively, the air we breathe needs to be clean. Kärcher offers various air purifiers for different living situations and with the intelligent automatic mode, the device always adapts its performance to the current air quality.

Effective air purification - for clean air.

Kärcher air purifiers work with highly effective HEPA 13 filtration with natural activated carbon and an antibacterial coating. This filters 99.95% of all particles larger than 0.3 µm from the air in the room. Our air purifiers therefore help against unpleasant odours or mould spores and remove bacteria, aerosols, chemical vapours, fine dust, pollen, and allergens.

Kärcher Air Purifier

Silent operation - for pleasant use.

The AF air purifiers are equipped with high-quality, exceptionally quiet fans and motors as well as sound-optimised airflow. In short: You can focus on the important things in life, without any distracting noises.

Kärcher Air Purifier

High air flow rate - for fast air purification.

The powerful, highly efficient, yet quiet motors ensure high performance and rapid air exchange. You can breathe freely with peace of mind.

Kärcher Air Purifier



What are Kärcher air purifiers capable of?

Our Kärcher air purifiers can filter a wide range of different pollutants from the air in all indoor spaces thanks to the HEPA 13 and antibacterial activated carbon filter:

Pictogram for pathogens & aerosols

Pathogens and aerosols

Pictogram for chemical vapours

Chemical vapours

Pictogram for fine dust

Fine dust

Pictogram for allergens


Pictogram for unpleasant odours

Unpleasant odours

Pictogram for mould spores

Mould spores

Areas of application


Living room and bedroom
Dust collects rapidly, especially in rooms where you spend a lot of time. The compact AF air purifiers effectively filter fine dust, pollen, and bacteria out of the air without taking up too much space.

You know the problem — the smell of lunch is still lingering hours later. The AF range’s air filters put an end to this.

Working area
If you work from home in your own office, you need a pleasant working environment. The Kärcher air filter guarantees clean room air, which in turn increases concentration.

Your own DIY corner in the garage is a great thing — but that usually means dust and chemical vapours are likely. With AF air filters, DIYers can breathe easy again.

Cellar and attic
Cellars and attics are known for being dusty. If you want to hang up your laundry or store food here, you will be thankful for the effective filters incorporated into the Kärcher air purifiers.

Kärcher Air purifier


All Kärcher air purifiers use a specially developed filter design. This consists of a pre-filter, HEPA 13 filter material, and a layer of activated carbon. In addition, all air filters have an antibacterial coating and therefore remove pollutants and unpleasant odours from the air.

Coronaviruses have a diameter of around 0.1 µm. These are present in the air inside the home as part of larger particles. Up to 99.95% of particles of this size (0.3 µm and larger) are removed by the filters.

The air purifiers differ due to the size of the device, the size of the filter, the air flow rate achieved, and their power consumption.

The air purifiers can be operated manually in 3 (AF 20) or 5 fan speeds (AF 30 and AF 50). All units have a smart automatic mode that efficiently regulates the fan speed based on the air quality detected. In sleep mode, the fan sets itself to the quietest level and the units’ lights are turned down. In addition, all air purifiers have a manually adjustable timer that automatically shuts down the units after a preset time. The AF 30 and AF 50 air purifiers also have an environmentally friendly eco mode.

The filter runtime depends on how much it’s used daily and the air quality inside the home. The air purifier displays how long the filter has left and signals when the HEPA 13 filter needs replacing. The average filter life is around 1 year. For hygienic reasons, an annual filter change is recommended.

Whether you should buy the AF 20, 30, or 50 air purifier depends on the size of the room and the place of use. If two models meet your requirements, we recommend choosing the larger air purifier, as it has a higher air flow rate and therefore rids the room of pollutants more quickly.


Regularly replacing the HEPA 13 filter guarantees consistently high performance and therefore good air quality.

Front view of the Kärcher AF 100

Professional air purifier

Kärcher’s professional air purifiers are suitable for larger premises such as enclosed offices, educational institutions, restaurants, and cafés as they provide fresh and clean air in rooms up to 100 square meters in size.

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