Kärcher Stories

Experience exiting stories about Kärcher from digital manufacturing, to cleaning at the Jungfraujoch in the Swiss Alps and handy houshold cleaning tips.


When soap dispensers schedule operations

Cleanliness is currently very important, and at the same time in many places there is a lack of cleaning personnel. The key to success is efficiency, even in the cleaning sector. How the use of sensors is leading to chatty soap dispensers, what artificial intelligence (AI) can do for work scheduling, and how cleaners get their jobs via their smartphones in real time.


Visit to the Village of Hope

After a long and difficult past, the small Colombian village of Bocas del Carare now finds itself on its own unique path to the future – green, modern and in harmony with nature.


Plastic through the ages

Nowadays plastic is facing some criticism, but many applications are simply not feasible without the material. And various alternatives that claim to be sustainable have an impact on the environment in other ways. Following the trail of a much-discussed material.


Difference- The Kärcher Magazine

Difference aims to show you how we make a difference – with our cleaning solutions and beyond. Join us on our journey through the world of Kärcher.

Know How for Professionals

Know How for Professionals

Here you get tips and examples that will help you solve your individual cleaning task.

Bring Back the WOW


Companies often refresh their branding to increase brand recognition or to improve an otherwise damaged image. Happily, Kärcher is well liked by our customers worldwide and our business growth over recent years has been excellent.


Thank Your Cleaner Day 2022

Be part of the Thank Your Cleaner Day and say “Thank You!” to the hard working people responsible for your safe and clean workplace.

Wet and Dry Vacuum cleaners

Bring back the WOW to your Castle

Your home is your castle. With our WOW products, you can restore its as good as new WOW feeling. As often as and whenever you want. And gently, quickly and thoroughly like only Kärcher devices can do.

When hygiene matters most

When Hygiene Matters Most

The novel coronavirus, also known as SARS-CoV-2, is spreading worldwide. With simple hygiene measures, each individual can help to protect themselves and others from the life-threatening lung disease and stem its rapid spread. Our topic special is dedicated to the most effective methods of protection against infection.

The elephant whisperer

The elephant whisperer

Somchat Changkarn and his charges can communicate without words – this mahout can tell how the animals are feeling by their body language. He spends up to 12 hours per day with the pachyderms at the Thai Elephant Conservation Center.


Cleaning with the experts

From the big spring clean to weekly household cleaning, the questions are often the same: where do I start and where do I stop? And above all: what is the quickest and most effective way of doing it? Question after question: the cleaning experts from Kärcher and domestic economist Urte Paaßen provide the answers.


Jungfraujoch in the Swiss Alps: right at the top

Up to 5,000 tourists visit the Jungfraujoch in the Bernese Oberland every day – and bring a lot of dirt along with them. The workers on the Jungfraubahn railway use Kärcher cleaning appliances to clean the trains and buildings daily for their guests.

The Malls, The Restaurants, The Lounges and The Hotels

The Malls, The Restaurants, The Lounges and The Hotels:Cleaning that lures your customers and acts as the magnet for them to stick!

A regular day at your Mall or your Restaurant that involves detailed cleaning can feel like a tedious chore that your professional cleaner has to accomplish, as soon as possible in the morning till the people come and set in and till the time you can offer them a clean and amazing ambiance to set in.


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