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Sweeping like the professionals "The best season for sweeping is: All year round.Whether it is for petals in the spring, sand in the summer, leaves in the autumn or grit in the winter, the effective and ergonomic S 4 and S 6 sweepers from Kärcher get your home and garden looking clean and tidy in record time all year round."

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Kärcher Sweeping like the professionals

Advantages of Kärcher sweepers.

Easy to use: Effortless sweeping, entirely without the need for force or exertion.

Easy handling push sweeper

Easy to fold up: The convenient step surface makes it possible to set up the sweeper without having to bend over.

Easy storage

Flexible and convenient: The push handles of the sweepers are height-adjustable and can be completely folded down if necessary.

Flexible and comfortable push sweeper

S 6 Twin

S 6

S 4 Twin

S 4

Accessories brush push sweeper

Side brushes for wet waste

The side brushes with brush configuration that is made up of standard bristles and bristles that are three times harder are ideal for loosening and sweeping up wet waste. We recommend that you use this, for example, to sweep up leaves that have become wet from the rain and are stuck to the ground. Side brushes are available for both the S 4 and S 4 Twin sweepers, while a larger pair is compatible with the S 6 and S 6 Twin.

Benefits of sweepers.

easy to operate

Easy to operate

Easy sweeping without any effort or strain.

Easy on your back

Flexible and comfortable

The push handle on the sweepers is height-adjustable and can be completely folded down great for storage.

Maximum cleaning results

Cleanliness in every detail

The long bristles on the side brushes also ensure thorough cleaning on edges.

Stow sweeper upright

Uncomplicated and compact

All of our sweepers can be stored compactly in a few simple steps: simply fold down the push handle and position the sweeper vertically. Done!

Empty sweeping container easily

Easy disposal

The sweeping containers in Kärcher sweepers can be very easily removed for emptying – grab, lift, done! No contact with the dirt.

Sweeping container stands on its own


The sweeping containers can be easily removed and are designed so that they can be safely set down.


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