Vacuum sweeper KM 150/500 R D Classic

KM 150/500 R Classic sit-on vacuum sweeper with pocket filter, large sweeping container, robust steel chassis, easy lever operation, hydraulic rear-wheel drive and Flexible Footprint System.

The durable industrial sweeper KM 150/500 R Classic is designed for tough applications in construction material, metal-working or foundry companies, as well as other industries with dirty conditions. The reliable ride-on sweeper can be operated easily and comfortably using a lever. The container with the swept material is emptied by a hydraulic high-dump system. The enormous capacity of the container for the swept material is 500 litres, allowing long work intervals. Thanks to the robust steel chassis with various corrosion protection, the machine is optimally equipped for applications in even the harshest conditions. The hydraulic rear wheel drive ensures good and easy manoeuvrability, also in confined spaces. Another feature is the Flexible Footprint system, which guarantees optimal sweeping results on different grounds – and with reduced brush wear. The technical components are easily accessible when it comes to repair or maintenance cases. The standard solid rubber tyres prevent mandatory breaks due to flat tyres and allow sweeping on all types of terrain.

Features and benefits
Vacuum sweeper KM 150/500 R D Classic: Hydraulic rear-wheel drive with solid rubber tyres
Hydraulic rear-wheel drive with solid rubber tyres
Good manoeuvrability and control even in tight spaces. Works even on sharp surfaces without causing tyre punctures.
Vacuum sweeper KM 150/500 R D Classic: Large-area pocket filter with vibration motor
Large-area pocket filter with vibration motor
Large filter area for dust-free vacuuming. Cleaning by means of vibration motor.
Vacuum sweeper KM 150/500 R D Classic: Robust steel chassis with multiple corrosion protection
Robust steel chassis with multiple corrosion protection
Can be used under tough working conditions. Durable machine and components.
Easy servicing
  • Very simple technology with tried-and-tested components: fully hydraulic drive, electric rather than electronic.
  • Easy access to all technical components.
Hydraulic high container emptying
  • Waste can be emptied safely, easily and with no contact.
  • Effortless container lift up to 1.52 m.
Dustpan principle
  • Good intake of fine and coarse waste.
  • Low dust dispersion.

Technical data

Drive type Diesel
Traction drive Four-stroke engine
Motor manufacturer Yanmar
Drive– performance (kW) 15.8
Max. area performance (m²/h) 18000
Working width (mm) 1200
Working width with 1 side brush (mm) 1500
Working width with two side brushes (mm) 1800
Waste container (l) 500
Climbing ability (%) 18
Working speed (km/h) 12
Filter areas (m²) 10.5
Weight (with accessories) (kg) 1400
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 2442 x 1570 x 1640


  • Pocket filter
  • Filter cleaning manual
  • Main sweeper roller adjustable
  • Power steering
  • Dustpan principle
  • Forwards traction drive
  • Backwards traction drive
  • Suction
  • Hydr. high dump
  • Outdoor use
  • Elapsed time counter
  • Sweeping function, can be switched off
  • Wheels, solid rubber
Application areas
  • Building material processing plants
  • Metal casting plants
  • Metal processing plants
  • Storage areas
  • Construction sites
  • Iron and steelworks
  • Material processing plants