La Redoute

New lustre for old halls with the scrubber drier

The 40-year-old marble floor of the La Redoute in Bonn, one of the city's most famous historic buildings, was completely cleaned and revamped to return it to its original splendour. Kärcher specialists supported the employees of Redoute GmbH Bonn with the technically challenging process of treating the natural stone.

The valuable Carrara marble was pale and yellowed, and its fine veining hardly visible, because the regular floor cleaning had previously been carried out using wax-based cleaning agents. A thick film had formed over the years on the predominantly black and white cassette floors. During the two-day cleaning project, all of the wax and detergent residues were removed first of all using a scrubber drier, which is used for wet cleaning floors, and an alkaline cleaner. The marble was then rinsed with clean water. Using the same machine and a fine-grit diamond pad, the floor in several passageways of the Yellow Salon was polished and the original watery sheen of the marble restored. The colour and pattern of the natural stone can once again be seen to its best advantage. No care agent or polish was required thanks to the procedure used.

La Redoute was built between 1790 and 1792 in the neoclassical style. Until the German Government relocated to Berlin, it was used for prestigious functions, and today it serves as a venue for private celebrations, conferences and banquets.

La Redoute
La Redoute
La Redoute

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