Lingshan Buddha

In October 2012, Kärcher turned its expertise to cleaning one of China's largest Buddha statues as part of its cultural sponsorship programme: using high-pressure cleaners, Kärcher employees and trading partners cleaned the steps leading up to the famous Grand Buddha in Lingshan near the city of Wuxi (Jiangsu Province), removing dirt that was in some places very stubborn. The cleaning project was officially launched by Dr Nils Schmid, Economics and Finance Minister, who was joined by a business delegation from Baden-Württemberg.

It was predominantly emissions residues, pigeon droppings and trampled-down chewing gum that had been deposited on the 218 steps. A total of 25 petrol-operated high-pressure cleaners (type G 4000) were used. The machines worked at a pressure of up to 275 bar and with a flow rate of over 800 l/h. The cleaning was carried out without the use of chemicals and the dirty water was disposed of professionally via wastewater pipes. The total area cleaned measured over 3,100 m².

The Grand Buddha at Lingshan was erected in 1996 at the behest of Zhao Puchu, former President of the Buddhist Association of China. The bronze statue is 88 metres high and weighs over 700 tonnes.

Lingshan Buddha
Lingshan Buddha
Lingshan Buddha

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