Schlosspark Nymphenburg

As part of the company's cultural sponsorship programme, Kärcher was involved in a restorative cleaning project on the Grand Cascade in the gardens of Nymphenburg Palace in Munich in mid-August. Led by project manager Gerd Heidrich from Kärcher Germany, three Kärcher employees and one restorer removed limescale, dirt and algae from the Grand Cascade.

"We were delighted to be involved in our first cleaning project in the Bavarian capital," said Christian May, Managing Director Kärcher Germany. "The Grand Cascade in Nymphenburg, with its walls of colourful marble, translucent veils of water and magnificent decorative statues, is a highlight for visitors to the popular Palace gardens," explains Klaus Häfner, restorer in the restoration centre of the Bavarian Palaces Department in Munich.

Unfortunately the water feature becomes dirty very quickly, with thick lime deposits and layers of algae continuously reforming. A further aim of this project was therefore to develop a simple and gentle cleaning method that could be used cost-effectively in future and that would also ensure long-lasting cleanliness. For the most part, hot water high-pressure cleaners and steam cleaners were used, with clearly visible results: the red and grey marble of the Cascade walls has been returned to its original splendour, while the two statues of "Isar" and "Danube" gleam bright white.

Schlosspark Nymphenburg
Schlosspark Nymphenburg
Schlosspark Nymphenburg

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