Battery blower vac BLV 36-240 Battery

The powerful blower vac BLV 36-240 Battery blows, vacuums and chops garden waste, also wet green waste, at up to 240 km/h. The suction and blow tubes can be removed separately.

Wet leaves, grass and hedge trimmings stick to the ground like wallpaper. Wet plant remains are difficult to get out, especially from corners. An entire cleaning crew is needed in order to remove these deposits quickly. Or the battery powered BLV 36-240 Battery, which can manage it alone. With high power and an air flow rate of 770 m³/h, the powerful blower vac removes even wet garden waste. The energy required can be steplessly adjusted via the speed so that a choice can be made between maximum battery running time or power. Another selection lever allows a change between the blow or vacuum settings, which can also be used in combination. When vacuuming the large leaf bag is used where all green waste is chopped up small. So that the operator does not tire when using the device with extended work intervals, attention was paid to wear comfort by means of an ergonomic two-handed grip for optimal weight distribution and removable guide rollers. This makes the work easy and efficient. The suction and blow tubes can also be removed separately. A battery is not included in the set.

Features and benefits
Battery blower vac BLV 36-240 Battery: Suction and blow tubes can be removed individually
Suction and blow tubes can be removed individually
Fatigue-free work thanks to weight reduction with parts that can be removed separately.
Battery blower vac BLV 36-240 Battery: Variable speed regulation
Variable speed regulation
Makes it possible to continuously adapt the speed depending on the task.
Battery blower vac BLV 36-240 Battery: Selector lever for setting the function
Selector lever for setting the function
Continuous adjustment between vacuuming and blowing, also with the option of a combined function.
Two-handed grip
  • Ensures an ideal weight distribution and easy handling.
Removable guide rollers
  • Makes work simpler and more efficient at the same time.
45-litre bag volume
  • Guarantees uninterrupted working for long periods.
Metal shredding wheel
  • Improves chopping output and extends the lifetime of the device.
Brushless motor
  • For a longer running time and improved lifetime for the device.
Detachable flat nozzle
  • For precise and spot cleaning. The leaves can, for example, be specifically blown into a pile.

Technical data

Battery powered device
Battery platform 36 V battery platform
Drive Brushless motor
Turbo boost button no
Speed regulation yes
Operating noise level (dB(A)) 104
Blower mode, air speed (km/h) max. 240
Suction mode speed (km/h) max. 130
catcher bag volume (l) 45
Voltage (V) 36
Power per battery charging - Blowing mode (m²) max. 1100 (5.0 Ah)
Power per battery charging - Suction mode (l) max. 150 (5.0 Ah)
Runtime per battery charging (min) max. 20 (5.0 Ah)
Colour black
Weight without accessories (kg) 4.6
Weight incl. packaging (kg) 6.7
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 1290 x 230 x 380

Scope of supply

  • Variant: Battery and charger not included
  • Detachable flat nozzle
  • grass collection box
  • Removable guide rollers
  • Shoulder belt
Battery blower vac BLV 36-240 Battery
Application areas
  • Removal of leaves, cuttings and other green waste around the house and garden
  • Chopped material can be used directly for mulching
  • Removing green waste after shrub and hedge trimming
  • Clearing weeds after weeding
  • Remove cut grass
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