Spray gun set Plus

Robust spray gun set Plus for watering small areas: Spray gun Plus, 3/4" thread tap connector with 1/2" thread reducer and universal hose connector Plus with and without Aqua Stop.

Order number: 2.645-110.0

Spray gun set Plus with adjustable spray pattern from full jet to mist spray for watering small areas and gardens. The ergonomic handle allows convenient one-hand operation for effortless watering of all kinds of plants and for cleaning gardening tools and furniture. This innovative spray gun also offers a host of other features such as infinite flow control as well as automatic locking and release. This gun combines an attractive design with ease of use and a range of useful functions. In brief: the ideal solution for numerous uses in the garden. Note: Kärcher spray nozzles are compatible with all available click systems. Spray nozzle set includes: Spray gun Plus 2.645-048.0, 3/4" thread tap connector with 1/2" thread reducer 2.645-006.0, universal hose connector Plus 2.645-193.0, universal hose connector Plus with Aqua Stop 2.645-194.0.

Features and benefits
Locking lever/lock
  • Comfortable, effortless watering
G3/4 brass tap adaptor with G1/2 reducer 2.645-006.0
Soft plastic recessed grips
  • Convenient handle for easy handling
Hook-and-loop system
  • Works with all well-known brands.
Metal body
  • Guaranteed robustness and durability.
Spray gun Plus 2.645-048.0
Trigger function
  • Enables the infinite adjustment of the water flow.
Plus universal hose connector 2.645-193.0
  • Suitable for all standard garden hoses.
Plus universal hose connector with Aqua Stop 2.645-194.0
  • For securely detaching accessories from the hose without splashing.

Technical data

Weight (kg) 0.3
Weight incl. packaging (kg) 0.4
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 120 x 19 x 160


  • Cone jet
  • Point jet
 Spray gun set Plus
 Spray gun set Plus
Application areas
  • For watering small surfaces and gardens
  • For watering cultivated plants (small beds, single plants, pot plants)
  • For watering ornamental plants (small beds, single plants, pot plants)
  • For cleaning garden machines and garden furniture