Mobile cleaning

Why should you carry the dirt everywhere when you can recreate the WOW effect in an instant? Mobile cleaning means lightweight, compact medium- and low-pressure devices that allow you to clean bikes, camping furniture, prams, buggies, hiking boots, dogs and lots more quickly and gently, also without having to rely on power and water connections. In the middle of nowhere or simply a quick clean around your home. Thanks to powerful lithium-ion batteries and water tank or suction hose, everything is clean again where it often makes most sense: on the spot.

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Our mobile cleaning solutions

OC 3 Foldable

WOW to go

The battery-powered Mobile Outdoor Cleaner models deliver low pressure to gently clean shoes, pushchairs, bicycles and even dogs. Ideal for out and about, with a water tank and a whole host of accessories, such as the cone jet nozzle or suction hose. And, of course, a powerful lithium-ion battery.

Cleaning power unleashed

Small size, great cleaning performance: with the OC 3 Foldable low-pressure washer, dirt need no longer be dragged around everywhere – the WOW factor can be restored to dirty objects right on the spot. Mobile cleaning that really is mobile. With the flexible tank expanded, the compact low-pressure washer becomes a huge help when it comes to quickly cleaning camping equipment, bicycles, pets and much more. With a capacity of up to 8 litres, a powerful lithium-ion battery and a wide range of accessories, order can quickly be restored even out in the wild.


Pressure washers

Our pressure washers

Sometimes a little more pressure is needed – high pressure. From the compact device for occasional use to the powerful pressure washer with app support, which even takes the hard work out of cleaning large areas or large objects, we are guaranteed to have the ideal solution.


With our medium-pressure and low-pressure washers, items will look WOW again in no time, even when travelling and far away from power outlets. It's even easier with accessories that are designed for cleaning on the move, which can do the job even more effortlessly and efficiently.