Know-how for Professionals

From agriculture to industry to building service contractors – as regards cleaning, each sector requires its own methods, machines and tools. Here you get tips and examples that should help you solve your individual cleaning task.

T 11/1 Classic HEPA Re!Plast Banner Desktop

Sustainable & Hygienic Vacuum

The Kärcher T 11/1 Classic HEPA Re!Plast is a sustainable and hygienic vacuum cleaner with high suction power, a HEPA 14 filter, and a good price-performance ratio.

Kärcher Battery Universe

Go Cordless, Endless possibility

Introducing the Kärcher Battery Power+ batteries for the Kärcher battery platforms with 18V and 36V. More power, greater capacity, longer runtime, and enhanced productivity.

User Story BMW

Industrial cleaning references

Kärcher supports countless industrial customers across the most diverse range of sectors, with an annual turnover of more than EUR 300 million in this area.

HD Super

Put the pressure on

The best in their field. Our super class cold water high-pressure cleaners are durable and effective in removing stubborn dirt.

BD 50/55

Same high quality, new technology.

The B 50/55 W push scrubber dryer for efficient wet cleaning of floors. Available with a choice of Li-Ion batteries, brush head. The push scrubber dryer for impeccably clean floors up to 2,000 m².

B 260 R I


Hard shell, strong core. The B 260 R I ensures reliable cleaning of large areas thanks to robust industrial power and powerful suction performance.


Cara Efektif Membersih Masjid

Masjid ialah tempat beribadat yang khusus, seperti solat dan iktikaf, bagi orang Islam. Untuk menjaga standard kebersihan yang unggul di semua kawasan masjid, Karcher menawarkan penyelesaian yang luar biasa untuk semua keperluan: keseimbangan sempurna antara mesin, aksesori dan produk pembersih.


JUST 'Puzzi' LAH

Specially designed to clean carpet, upholstery furniture, car seats and mattresses. Puzzi removes dirt and stain effectively with 50% faster drying time.

Khas untuk pembersihan permaidani sofa, tilam dan kusyen. Puzzi mengeluarkan kotoran dan bau dengan kering 50% lebih cepat. 

Dusty Campaign

Don’t let your lungs be the filter.

Fine dust and large volumes of it are dangerous to our lungs. Chronic lung disease is a frequent problem costing billions of euros. What's your health worth?


When Hygiene Matters Most

COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) is spreading fast. It mainly spreads through droplets. You can take simple hygiene measures to protect yourself and others. Our topic special shares effective methods of protection.

Steam on door panel

Disinfectant and hygiene solutions

Pathogens are everywhere - on surfaces, objects, floors, and in the air. Kärcher provides effective disinfectant and hygiene solutions for every need.

facade cleaning

Facade, glass, solar & floor cleaning

Our new cleaning system is versatile and convenient, with brushes, telescopic rods, attachments, and adapters that can be used for low, medium, and high pressure cleaning, as well as vacuuming. It can clean facades, glass, solar panels, and floors, even in hard-to-reach places.

Reinigung im Supermarkt

Cleanliness & hygiene in retail

Many people in a restricted space and the sale of food under perfectly hygienic conditions: cleaning in the supermarket is important in every respect and should be carried out conscientiously.


Effective Cleaning for Hotels

As cleanliness, hygiene and health are increasingly important, effective cleaning processes are more relevant than ever in the hotel industry. They are the only way to ensure that hotels create a pleasant, reassuring atmosphere that guests will equate with safety.


How schools ensure hygiene?

Not only in times of a pandemic, but daycare centres and often also schools are generally considered places which give rise to the spread of pathogens. The spread of viruses and bacteria can be tackled effectively when an appropriate hygiene concept is developed for the respective facility.


No fear of big beasts

AIDA Cruises is Germany's leading provider of sea cruises. As part of a long-term partnership with Kärcher, a detailed and well-thought-out cleaning concept has been developed to take care of everything.


Success story of scrubber machine

The start of floor-cleaning by machines dates back more than 100 years. The first floor polisher was developed at the start of the 20th Century to take the monotony out of tedious work.


World experience "dreamlike" set

In the Hans-Peter Porsche TraumWerk model railway and toy museum an entire armada of professional cleaning machines, which are in daily use – and operated exclusively by internal staff – make sure all exhibits are clean and highly polished.


One Spill Could Cost A Lot More

Mopping with a bucket can be quick and cheap, but it leaves floors wet and slippery. This is dangerous and can cost your business. Reusing dirty water also poses health risks.


Four essential cleaning functions

Hotel and Contract Cleaner
Efficient and regular cleaning is of vital importance for the hotel and contract cleaner industry. The PDIR care cycle ensures a clean appearance for the entire building and reduces time, personnel and material costs required for daily maintenance.

Ride-on Scrubber

Four essential cleaning functions

Industry and Transport
Efficient and regular cleaning is of vital importance for the manufacture and warehouse. The PDIR care cycle ensures a clean appearance for the entire building and reduces time, personnel and material costs required for daily maintenance.

Pipe Cleaner

Pro Pipe Cleaning

Karcher heavy duty pressure cleaner with pipe cleaning nozzle clean various directions in the pipe, unblocking a blocked drain. It cleans the pipes in a more environmentally-friendly and efficient way which makes the job relatively quick, clean and simple.