Tips for keeping the home clean

Around the world, people spend around 3 hours 20 minutes cleaning their home every week - according to a study of global cleaning behaviour conducted for Kärcher. Many cleaning devices or household supplies are used for this. Whether indoors or outside, the work is done much quicker with tips for the correct use, meaning you have more time for the good things in life.


Practical tips, tricks and application instructions for cleaning your home

Here you will find a range of tips and examples for getting your home into shape. Whether with a high pressure cleaner or duster - we have all the information about how to clean properly and quickly.

Tips for indoors

SC Baby

Steam cleaners remove even stubborn dirt quickly and easily without any chemicals at all

They ensure cleanliness throughout the home in the most natural way, making them a real alternative to conventional methods of cleaning. Whether in the bathroom, the kitchen or the living room, they can be put to a wide variety of uses. What could be more natural than using the power of steam for big and small cleaning jobs around the house?


5 tips for a clean home with pets

Pets bring life to your own four walls – but also a certain amount of dirt. Whether it's your dog traipsing mud across your freshly washed floor, your cat spilling food next to her bowl, or your guinea pig streaking through his cage sending fur flying through your home.


Tips for avoiding dust and dirt in your home

It’s something we’re all too familiar with: You've just rid your house of dust, and there's another grey layer of it on your furniture and floors. And so the job starts all over again. It can be frustrating. It's no wonder that we don't like doing these household tasks. Here are some tips for keeping on top of the dirt.

Spring Cleaning 2018

Spring cleaning made easy

Winter is slowly coming to an end, and thorough spring cleaning following the cold months has become somewhat of a tradition for many people. The good intentions are there, and the need to start the year on a fresh note provides the impetus to approach the task of cleaning. But what does spring cleaning entail? And which tools and resources are required? These tips will show you how to get your house looking shipshape quickly and effectively.

best steam cleaner

Best Steam Cleaner To Protect Your Baby From Bacteria

Most parents get stressed up about bacteria and cleanliness once they have a newborn at home. With a newborn baby crawling all over the house, you can’t look at the carpet or the sofa without worrying about the bacteria that is invisible to the naked eyes. This is especially worrisome for parents in Malaysia as our hot and humid climate is the perfect environment for bacteria growth.

best high pressure washer

5 Best Pressure Washer To Usher Into Year 2020

When it comes to house cleaning, a long list of tasks rolls up but only a few tend to be remembered and executed. The common ones include sweeping the floor, wiping the windows, dusting the furniture and vacuuming the carpet.


Pressure washer reviews

Electric Pressure Washer Reviews For 2019

The new year is around the corner. Have you made any planning to embrace 2020? It’s time to tidy up the mess of the yesteryear. 


High pressure water jet Malaysia

Best High Pressure Water Jet to Clean Your Car or Porch in Malaysia

Karcher has developed innovative high pressure water jet cleaners for the past eighty years. The company has jet wash cleaners available for home and professional use. They are perfect for both Malaysian homeowners and professional cleaning companies.


Tips for outside


Before winter:Get your house and garden into shape

Summer is coming to an end, the warm days on the terrace are numbered and there is not much more to do in the garden. Now is the time to prepare the garden furniture and equipment for their winter break. We show you how to do it!