Cordless electric brooms

Faster than a vacuum cleaner - more convenient than a brush Cordless electric brooms are used wherever vacuuming is less suitable and conventional sweeping is difficult. Ideal for occasional cleaning of carpets, laminate or tiles. Without disturbing cord and unnecessary bending!

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Kärcher Faster than a vacuum cleaner - more convenient than a brush
Best Cordless Electric Broom

Cordless Electric Broom is the Best Floor Sweeping Tool

Are you looking for a tool that empowers you to clean the floor and carpet in one go? Kärcher cordless electric broom is the answer. 

Whenever vacuuming is less convenient due to missing electric plugs and traditional sweeping is tiresome, cordless electric broom works best in keeping every corner of your space clean at ease. With its advanced innovation, the cordless electric broom portrays outstanding cleaning performance even in the smallest of spaces between chairs and under furniture.

Its adaptive cleaning system renders it versatile and capable of removing dust and dirt from anything ranging from hard flooring to carpeting. Efficient and quick, the universal brush fitted on the cordless electric broom delivers the highest quality.

While it cleans after pets’ hairs and small messes, it picks up optimal dirt from carpets, laminate or tiles fully and effortlessly.

Cordless Electric Broom

Electric Broom Highlights

Before dirt really starts to get on your nerves, the cordless electric broom provides a quick and convenient remedy. The height-adjustable and tiltable telescopic handle makes it possible to sweep floors clean in no time, even under very low-slung furniture.

  • Flexible application possibilities thanks to brush replacement technology that's unique worldwide.
  • Brush activation at the push of a button
  • Standard brush and pet hair brush included
  • Pet hair brush with innovative brush technology for fast and hygienic removal of pet hair from the pet hair brush
  • Removable sweeping container
  • Flexible uses thanks to battery technology
  • Wall bracket for space-saving storage of the cordless electric broom
  • Telescopic handle with parking position
  • Ergonomic handle
  • On/off foot switch for convenient operation
Cordless Electric Broom Roller Brush

Innovative brush replacement technology

The roller brush can be removed easily for cleaning at the push of a button


Flexible to use

The cordless electric broom can be equipped for special home cleaning tasks with two different special brushes.

Cordless Electric Broom Brush

Practical cleaning of the pet hair brush

The brush is enclosed in a mesh sleeve, which can be removed for cleaning.

Cordless Electric Broom Storage

Space-saving storage

In the wall bracket, connected to the battery charger, the cordless electric broom is always ready to use.