Cordless electric brooms

Faster than a vacuum cleaner - more convenient than a brush Top performance in one device: the cordless electric broom is faster than a vacuum cleaner and more convenient than a broom. This means that you can easily clean dirt and dust off your floors – without any annoying cable or strenuous bending down.

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Kärcher Faster than a vacuum cleaner - more convenient than a brush

Quicker to hand than a vacuum cleaner

Who hasn't been confronted with situations like this: you've barely finished vacuuming and there are already crumbs on the floor again. The cordless electric broom from Kärcher is the ideal everyday companion for cleaning here and there – without having to fetch the vacuum cleaner.

The cordless electric broom is perfect for everyday cleaning. It is small, mobile and easy to operate – and can be used throughout the home. Thanks to its compact shape and modern cordless design, the electric broom can be stored in a space-saving manner and is always ready for use.

One device, many application options

Leftover food on the floor? Dirty carpet? The electric broom is a genuine all-rounder and can be used on all hard floors such as laminate and tiles as well as carpets. Its performance speaks for itself: dirt is completely removed rather than being pushed around, and the same applies to carpets with a pile height of up to 10 millimetres. The brush penetrates deep into the fibres and thus cleans reliably and efficiently.

Kärcher cordless electric broom

Strong performance in the smallest space

Kärcher cordless electric broom's innovative Adaptive Cleaning System guarantees first-class cleaning results: the flexible movable sweeping rim, optimal dirt guidance and special cleaning brush transport the dirt safely into the waste container without leaving any residue or dispersing 

Kärcher cordless electric broom

Always ready for the next job

The KB 5 cordless electric broom impresses with its lithium-ion battery and a battery run time of up to 30 minutes on hard floors. This means that you can sweep your floors in an instant – with optimal freedom of movement and no annoying cable or searching for a power outlet.

Kärcher cordless electric broom

More convenient than a conventional broom

With its unique features, the KB 5 cordless electric broom is the perfect compromise between vacuum cleaner and broom. Click on the circles and discover the properties and functions that make the difference.


KB 5 emptying

Cleaning and care

  • Quick removal of brush and waste container

  • Easy emptying with no contact with dirt

  • Effortless cleaning of universal brush

Dirt, begone!

Living with a pet also means that dirt spreads quicker around the home – even when you have just swept and cleaned. Small crumbs and loose pet hairs are particularly stubborn in carpets and door mats. A traditional broom doesn't help here. What can come to your rescue? The Kärcher cordless electric broom. With the cordless electric broom, you can clean dirty areas quickly and efficiently and remove cat litter, dog food and pet hair effortlessly.