Industrial Vacuuming / Dedusting Solutions

From the mobile machine to the turnkey vacuum or dust removal system In industry, you need a system of machines, accessories and services that can be easily integrated into your processes and provide added value. A system in which all products are specially designed to meet the demanding industrial requirements. We have this system that makes the difference. The Kärcher industrial system.

Kärcher  Compact industrial vacuums

Compact industrial vacuums

The Kärcher IVC range features a stable and ergonomic push and set down chassis which allows for the best mobility. The machines also offer a reliable liquid shutoff as well as the proven and innovative Tact² automatic filter cleaning.


For 40 years, Ringler has been a well-known manufacturer of high-quality industrial vacuum cleaners and stationary vacuum solutions. The range goes from small mobile industrial vacuum cleaners, stationary extraction systems with pipe construction to dust extractor plants with individually designed collecting units. Our products are characterised by highest quality, long service lives, technical sophistication as well as robust construction.