how to clean fabric sofa

Fabric sofa is one of the most common furniture seen in every household for a few obvious reasons- it is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, cosy to sit on and also more cost-effective than leather sofas.

As one of the most used items in the household, its large surface area is exposed to humans and pets, not to mention activities that involve liquid substances that would smear the fabric surface, such as wine and chill time, snacking while watching Netflix, tea time with house guests, just to name a few.

Yes, prevention is better than cure, but you can’t live your life by feeling anxious every time somebody is holding a glass of something sitting on your beloved sofa. Karcher has just what you need to maintain the pristine, beautiful fabric sofa set you have at your home! Read on for more information on how to clean fabric sofa like a pro!

Vacuum Clean Loose Dirt from the Sofa Surface

In order to proceed to clean sofa cushions, first, you will have to find an all-rounded vacuum cleaner that fits your all your household cleaning needs. This way you can kill multiple birds with one stone. By using the right accessory (nozzle), your vacuum cleaner can also double up as your sofa cleaning machine.

Karcher DS6 Water Filter Vacuum Cleaner is not just a typical vacuum cleaner, the built-in water filter compartment filters dusty air and produces 99.5% dust-free exhaust air in return. Hence. It will ensure clean, fresh indoor climate, keeping your living area dust and bacteria-free.

To clean sofa cushions effectively, you simply will have to attach the right accessory to the vacuum cleaner- turbo upholstery nozzle to get the job done.

The hand-guided property of this nozzle plus the width of 160mm making it very easy to move around with your hand to reach every part of the sofa. The built-in rotating air-driven brush in the nozzle is able to remove stubborn dirt from fabric cushion. It can pick up crumbs, human and animal hairs instantly as well.

how to clean sofa

How to Deep Clean Fabric Sofa Stains with Spray Extraction Cleaner

It is almost inevitable to not ever have stains on your sofa. Presumably, you do use your sofa for what it intends to be used for and do not wrap it up with plastic cover while using it. You would never have to feel like anxiety attack is going to hit you the moment you see a stain on your fabric sofa if you own a Karcher Spray Extraction Cleaner.

Cleaning sofa stains with Karcher Spray Extraction Cleaner makes it a simple task to complete.

  1. First, you need to vacuum up all loose dirt from the sofa surface.
  2. Then, fill the tank with both water and Karcher Carpet Cleaner RM 519 according to recommended dosage. Depending on the level of dirt, add 100-200ml of carpet cleaner and fill with warm water (50 °C for best cleaning effect)
  3. Next, spray water and cleaning agent evenly on the stained surface.
  4. For heavy dirt, spray and leave to work for at least 5 minutes.
  5. Then place the nozzle on the surface of upholstery and slowly vacuum up the moisture from the cleaning mixture.
  6. Repeat this process until the stains completely come off. If you want to, you can reclean the area with clean water by checking the recommended temperature to handle fabric beforehand.
  7. Leave the sofa to dry for couple hours or overnight.
  8. Then, vacuum the surface once again when it is completely dry.
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How to Spot Clean Fabric Sofa Stains

For immediate spot cleaning, you can use Karcher Universal Stain Removal by dabbing it to the stained area with a clean, dry cloth.

Then clean the area with Karcher Spray Extraction Cleaner to get rid of the residue. It is also very important to remember that it is best to try to remove the stain as soon as it occurs because older stains usually tend to get hardened and hence is much more difficult to remove. Leaving stains to linger for too long may also cause spreading.

how to clean sofa stains

Tips: Using Spray Extraction Cleaner As Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Spray Extraction Cleaner can also be used as wet & dry vacuum cleaner. You just need to remove the spray handle and spray hose and replace it with other nozzle to turn it into a multi-purpose vacuum cleaner.

You will not need to purchase additional vacuum cleaner for other dry vacuuming task.

Can you use a Karcher Steam Cleaner on Upholstery?

Yes, you can!

Most importantly, the cleaning process doesn’t involve chemical agents at all! Yes, you heard it right! 

Not having to use any chemical agents is especially appealing to homeowners, as a sofa is one of the most used furniture at home that has close contact with human skins.

It is best to keep the fabric sofa clean with no chemicals to promote a clean and healthy indoor climate.

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Steam Vacuum Cleaner

Karcher Steam Vacuum Cleaner SV7 is a powerful cleaning tool that every household should have. It combines the benefits of a steam cleaner while retaining the high suction power of vacuum cleaners, enabling every homeowner to have the best of both worlds.

The multi-stage filter system that involves water, coarse dirt, HEPA filter and foam plus 1100W high heat steam output is enough to leave your upholstery clean and free of chemicals. 

Steam Vacuum Cleaner
how to clean sofa cushions

Steam Cleaner

 Alternatively, if you have other Karcher steam cleaner models that do not have built-in vacuuming function, you can also clean fabric sofa via 4 simple steps:

  1. Vacuum dirt from surface of your sofa cushions
  2. Use a steam cleaner to disinfect and kill dust mites and bacteria
  3. Air dry your sofa
  4. Vacuum again to get rid of any dead dust mites.

It’s as easy as that!

Steam Cleaner


Keeping your fabric sofa clean is never a problem anymore, with various products and accessories available at Kärcher for sofa cleaning. Visit the nearest Kärcher store near you to test out the best vacuum for sofa cleaning for your home.