Effective Drain Cleaner in Malaysia

Hygiene is a basic need that we cannot forgo as long as we are breathing. When you have a household to take care of, it is inevitable to have to deal with clogged drains or pipes at some point. While it is possible to unclog your kitchen or bathroom sink by using good old toilet plungers or removing debris from drain traps, it might not be as straightforward with bathroom drains or outdoor drains.

Moreover, if you do not regularly clean up your outdoor drains and pipes, they may become seriously clogged and make your surroundings unhygienic. Besides emitting a bad odour, water trapped in clogged drains is among the main causes of dengue outbreaks, as it is often one area that people tend to overlook when it comes to dengue prevention.

To adapt to a hassle-free way of cleaning and unclogging drains, we present you with our latest and most effective drain cleaner in Malaysia, Karcher pressure washer along with Karcher drain cleaning kit.

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Unclog a Drain with Karcher Drain Cleaner

Karcher drain cleaning machine is a nifty tool to unclog your pipes and drains in a fast and efficient manner. It is one of the effective clog removers in Malaysia that does not involve using harsh chemicals, and to date, many people have used the Karcher drain cleaning solution to get rid of stubborn clogs in drains and pipes.


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Features of Karcher’s Drain Cleaner Machine

Karcher drain cleaning machines come in many different models to suit your needs. You can use any of the Karcher pressure washer models, from K2-K7 for unclogging purposes. The difference between the models mainly lies in the water pressure, speed of water that cut through the blockage (water flow rate), accessories and weight of the machine.

The drain cleaner machine (i.e Karcher pressure washer) is also suitable to clean a variety of outdoor household areas besides cleaning and unclogging the drain. Most people use pressure washers to clean their garage, car, garden furniture and floorings.

Additionally, the drain cleaning kit (pipe cleaning it) has either the 7.5m or 15m hose with a super friendly Bayonet connection and a narrow penetrable nozzle. The hose is tightly wrapped with a textile braid and has four backward firing jets to exert high-pressure water to unclog your drains and pipes.

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How Do You Use Karcher Drain Cleaning Kit?

First, you need to plug the machine into a water supply and power outlet. Then, connect the  machine to a flexible 15 meter or 7.5-meter long hose, reinforced with textile braiding and extremely short brass nozzle so that you can insert the hose in drains and pipes of all shapes and sizes.

Next, insert the hose deep inside the drain (beyond the red mark) before pressing the trigger. The machine will shoot out four backward-firing high-pressure jets of water which will propel the hose itself forward. Manually move the hose back and forth to help dislodge any blockage or debris.

If the pipe cleaner encounters a clogged spot, press the lever of the high-pressure gun repeatedly and release again.

You can easily unclog your drain within a few minutes after identifying the blockage areas. The trick is to pull the hose back and forth so that you can get your drains evenly cleaned.

We suggest you wear goggles to avoid nasty splashes hitting your eyes from the high-pressure water jets of the hose connected to the Karcher drain cleaner. Also, position the hose properly before turning on the machine and always wear gloves when doing such work to avoid getting your hands dirty.

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What Can Karcher Drain Cleaning Machine Unclog?

The Karcher drain cleaning kit is capable of unclogging all sorts of pipes and drains, be it interior or exterior of the house including:

  1. Outdoor Drains
  2. Downpipes of Roof Gutters
  3. Shower Drains (Bathroom Floor Drain Hole)
  4. Kitchen Sink Drains
  5. Water pipes in general

Why is Pressure Washer Better (Safer) than the Conventional Way of Unclogging Drains?

You might be wondering why it’s worth investing in a drain cleaning machine instead of unclogging drains using conventional methods mentioned below. Let us elaborate.

Plunger Can Be Tiring

This classic way of unclogging drains using a plunger is effective for small clogs. This is probably what most people will go for when water is getting slow to drain, especially the kitchen sink.

However, this method is time-consuming and can be very tiring for stubborn clogs as a plunger may not be effective for clogs that are too large or too deeply embedded.

Most Chemical Drain Openers Are Made of Dangerous Stuff

Most liquid and some powdered drain openers are made of highly concentrated chemicals such as lye or acids. These products can be dangerous to your health and your plumbing system if it’s not properly used. Any chemical spills can cause injuries to eyes, skin and even lungs (toxic fumes).

Besides that, chemicals are not environment friendly and in some cases can even damage your pipes, if they are made of PVC (synthetic plastic polymer) material.

Baking Soda, Vinegar and Hot Water Dissolves Soap and Grease

If you are fond of those DIY hacks on YouTube, you may try mixing baking soda with vinegar to unclog your pipes. It is a cheap and harmless way of unclogging your drain pipes.

While this is a great trick to dissolve kitchen grease or soap buildup, it may not be that effective for pipes clogged by hair or other debris.

Although there is pressure created from the chemical reactions between baking soda and vinegar, a clogged pipe and drain is not a closed system. Therefore, the pressure build up may not be strong enough to clear the blockage.

With a high-pressure water cleaner however, we do not have this concern. We can easily leverage on the strong water pressure to push through clogged dirt in your pipe.

In addition, pouring boiling hot water to unclog pipes may not be appropriate if you have PVC pipes. Hot water may damage and soften PVC material.

Hiring a Plumber Can be Costly in Long Run

The last resort for drain cleaning is to simply hire a plumber and get him to do it for you. However, hiring such services can be very costly over time.

You can buy the Karcher drain cleaning kit at a much more competitive price for a life long use rather than an overpriced one-time service. This is especially true if you already have a pressure washer at home for other usage.

High-pressure washer

The most effective drain clog remover is a high-pressure washer machine like the Karcher pressure washer. It is safe and super easy to use and saves your time, energy and money while maintaining clog-free pipes and drains whenever and wherever you need.

In addition, the best way to avoid a clogged pipe is not to have it clogged in the first place. Regular washing of pipes and drains with a high pressure cleaner is recommended.


Karcher pressure washer along with the Karcher drain cleaning kit is simply a convenience that you can rely on for a lifetime. You have the option to choose from a wide variety of pressure washer models before making your decision. Besides, the Karcher pressure washer comes with standard accessories and you have the flexibility to buy additional accessories at a reasonable price if you are planning to unclog something specific. The flexibility, variety of choice along with reasonable price makes Karcher high pressure washer one of the best in the market.

Visit our store today or check out the products online to find the Karcher drain cleaner of your choice. This one-off investment is cheaper than calling a plumber to unclog your drains. With Karcher drain cleaning at your hand, you have the power to unclog your pipes and drains any time.