Electric Pressure Washer Reviews For 2019

The new year is around the corner. Have you made any planning to embrace 2020? It’s time to tidy up the mess of the yesteryear.

pressure washer reviews

Karcher’s High Pressure Washer is Your Best Outdoor Helper

Cleaning your house inside-out to make ready for the new year is a universal errand and there is no exception for the Malaysians. It is believed that cleaning your entire home will not only leave you a fresh and clean living environment but also ring in the new year with a spoonful of good luck. 

But, before you grab those cleaning tools available in the market, Karcher Malaysia wants you to know that different cleaning needs demand a different tool. For outdoor cleaning, you can never go wrong if you invest in a pressure washer. If you’re wondering where and how to start, you are in the right article. Keep scrolling down the page to discover more. 

What Do Malaysians Think About Karcher’s Pressure Washer?

Read these reviews and have some ideas on why Karcher pressure washers are so popular among housewives and even professionals. Find out which type of pressure washer offered by Karcher Malaysia is your best go-to here.

Pressure washer reviews 2019

Why Karcher’s Pressure Washer Stand Out Compared To The Rest?

With over 80 years of research and development effort, Karcher has been perfecting the high-pressure washer technology. Today, Karcher is well known for its efficient and innovative water jet technology.  

(1) Karcher’s pressure washer 50 times more powerful than an ordinary garden hose

Say goodbye to the traditional way of cleaning the car porch with a garden hose, bucket or mop that is less efficient in this era. Placing your thumb over the end of a garden hose is great for rinsing debris and clearing surface dirt. But, it's no replacement for the cleaning power of a high-pressure washer. Karcher’s pressure washer generates 50 times the pressure of a garden hose that speeds up your cleaning task. In simple words, you can clean a larger area faster than before with our high-quality pressure washer. 

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pressure washer pump

(2) Durable and efficient high pressure washer pump

Karcher’s pressure washer pump outperforms the competition as it is capable of producing high pressure with a low flow of water. A K5 device, for example, projects up to 145 bar max of pressure to eliminate the accumulation and buildup. This buildup can contribute to deep stains, decay, and the erosion of coatings and structural materials. 

Moss is notoriously hard to remove, as it not only forms a thick and dense mat that covers surfaces but also because it grows deep into the surface. With K5, you can easily remove these pesky growths without breaking a sweat.

(3) Patented nozzle technology

In physics, the pressure depends on the area over which the force is exerted. To put it simply, the smaller the nozzle, the larger the pressure generated.

With this theory in mind, the dirt blaster of Karcher’s pressure water jet is specially designed to be narrow for faster and more efficient cleaning results. In combination with a powerful pressure washer pump, the ejected water from the pressure washer does more than simply blasting away the grime. It is capable of forcing out stubborn stains from the surface, leaving nothing but cleanliness. Also, you no longer need to brush and scrub the patio and wall under the hot sun anymore. What good news!

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Pressure washer class

(4) Wide range of performance class for different purposes

The application possibilities are boundless as the devices are fine-tuned in line with the cleaning requirements to make work easier. 

Performance class is, thus, the key differentiator when it comes to choosing the right pressure washer do to the right job. There are many options for you to choose from in our lineup of products. No matter how large your application area is and how stubborn the dirt is, there is a suitable Karcher pressure washer with the performance class that is perfect for you! 

(5) Pressure washing is green and environmentally friendly

Because a pressure washer cleans surface swiftly, it conserves more energy compared to other methods, including manual cleaning efforts. When cleaning mossy paving or swimming pools with our pressure washer, you are likely to consume 80 per cent less water compared to using a garden hose. You can see your water bill significantly reduced using Karcher’s pressure washers. 

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Pressure washer Malaysia

(6) Karcher’s high-pressure washer is convenient to use

The quick-connect system enables the high-pressure hose to click in and out of the device and trigger gun easily. Together with its matching accessories, it allows cleaning even from a distance. Besides, you can increase the pressure of some models applied by manually adjusting the distance between the nozzle and the application area to remove tough buildup. The closer the nozzle to the surface, the greater the force generated for effective pressure.  

Wash Away Bad Luck And Make Way For Good Fortune

Did you notice the layer of dust and grime that has been building up in your home over the months? In case you don’t know, removing dust and dirt also symbolises the ridding of dwelling and its occupants from negative vibes and bad luck. Hence, many people seize this chance for spiritual and social renewal. 

After all, this is the time of the year to give everything at your home a good spray and a deep scrub, especially if you don’t do it every so often. Invite good energy into your home this new year with Karcher’s Pressure Washer

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