Karcher heavy duty pressure cleaner with pipe cleaning nozzle clean various directions in the pipe, unblocking a blocked drain. It cleans the pipes in a more environmentally-friendly and efficient way which makes the job relatively quick, clean and simple.

Pipe Cleaner
Pipe Cleaner


The innovative system solution from Kärcher
Sometimes it is just one drain that becomes blocked, but often it is an entire guttering and drainpipe. 

How does pipe cleaning work?
The nozzle jets are set at an angle to allow the nozzle and hose to move freely through pipe. Stubborn deposits adhering to the pipe walls are dislodged and washed out. Movement through vary long or curved pipe may need assistance. The forward-facing rotating pencil jet effortlessly clears stubborn blockages.

The flexible 10 m, 20 m and 30 m long quality hoses are reinforced with textile braiding and have an extremely short brass nozzle for optimum ease of movement inside the pipe. The hose also features kink protection and a brass connector for a long service life.

When should pipe cleaning be carried out?
Unpleasant odours can begin to form, including in the drains, pipe line, sewerage pipe and etc, especially when there is something wrong with your drainpipes. The odour begins to form in the vicinity of the plughole, but can spread throughout the whole factory, office, restaurant, hotel, etc. In the worst case, the pipes are so blocked that the water or waste water stops draining completely.

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