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Bring back the WOW to your stage

Do you wish there was a quicker and easier way to clean your floor? Or that you could get the whole floor cleaning procedure over and done with in one go, preferably without having to vacuum beforehand? We have a powerful solution for every task – and the choice is yours. Anyone looking for long-lasting non-stop battery run time should opt for the FC 7 Cordless, which effortlessly picks up even coarse dirt in a single step.

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The FC 7 Cordless – our highlight

The FC 7 Cordless eliminates the old rule "vacuum first, then mop" just as easily as it eliminates all types of dry and wet everyday dirt. Its two counter-rotating roller pairs get straight down to business and restore the shine to your floor in half the time. One press of a button on the handle is enough to adapt the water flow and roller speed to the floor or remove stubborn stains using the boost mode. This means that everyone can complete two things at once, without getting their hands wet!

Advantages that make the difference

20% better cleaning results than with a mop*

Your floor is your stage, and our floor cleaners leave it shining – cleaning approx. 20 % more thoroughly and requiring far less effort than any mop.* Instead of wiping dirt back and forth, the automatically driven rollers with self-cleaning function simply pick it up and move the dirty water into a separate tank. There is very little residual moisture left on the floor, meaning the show can go on after just 2 minutes!

Floor cleaner cleaning results

Automatic moistening

Clean water makes floors cleaner. This is why one side of the Kärcher floor cleaners' rotating rollers is continuously wetted with fresh water while on the other side the dirty water is scraped off and collected in a tank. Unlike cleaning with a mop, the dirt is actually picked up rather than being spread around.

Kärcher floor cleaner automatic moistening

Floors cleaned 50% faster**

Achieve flawless results with our all-in-one floor cleaners. At the same time as mopping, you are pick up all types of dry and wet everyday dirt in a single step. Even in corners and along edges. Hairs are also picked up easily by the integrated hair combs.

Quick cleaning with Kärcher floor cleaner

Adjustable cleaning levels for different types of floors and dirt

On the FC 7 Cordless, you can adjust the roller rotation and the water flow to suit the type of dirt and floor (e.g. level 1 for wooden floors, level 2 for stone floors). Stubborn stains can also be tackled using the boost mode.

Cleaning level for the floor cleaner

Bring back the WOW to your stage

The floor may be hard, but that doesn't mean cleaning it has to be. It's much easier to clean using one of our floor cleaners. These come as convenient all-in-one devices or battery-powered lightweight models.

FC 7 Cordless floor cleaner removes all types of everyday dry and wet dirt



Area performance approx. 135 m² per battery charge

  • Removes all types of dry and wet everyday dirt
  • Mopping + dust pick-up + coarse dirt pick-up
  • Approx. 45 min battery run time
  • Suitable for all hard floors + 2 cleaning levels + boost mode
  • Perfect cleaning in corners and along edges
  • Includes 4 rollers + 1 universal floor cleaner
  • Very smooth-running thanks to counter-rotating rollers
  • 4-roller drive technology


Detergents and accessories

With the range of accessories available for Kärcher floor cleaners, cleaning and care can be perfectly matched to your floor. The universal floor cleaner, for example, is suitable for any hard floor, while special detergents for wood and stone provide extra care and protection for these types of flooring.

* The Kärcher floor cleaners achieve up to 20% better cleaning performance compared to a conventional mop with wiping cloth cover in the "Wiping" test category. Refers to average test results for cleaning efficiency, dirt pick-up and edge cleaning.

** The FC 7 Cordless halves your cleaning time, since common household dirt can be removed from hard floors in a single step, doing away with the need to vacuum before mopping.

*** When cleaning a floor area of 60 m², the FC 7 Cordless (consumption: 0.4 l) uses up to 90% less water compared to a conventional mop and bucket filled with 5 litres of water (consumption: 5.0 l).


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