Our strongest sweeper yet: Kärcher's vacuum sweeper

Fast brushes, high performance: Kärcher's compact and powerful sweepers and vacuum sweepers ensure cleanliness in no time at all – everywhere and anytime.

Which vacuum sweeper is right for me?

The perfect model for every challenge: from manual sweepers to ride-on industrial vacuum sweepers – Kärcher's sweepers and vacuum sweepers match customer expectations in terms of flexibility and adaptability. Kärcher also offers all relevant drive types for every area of application – petrol, diesel, LPG or electric.

All our models at a glance:

Kärcher  Sweepers and vacuum sweepers walk-behind

Sweepers and vacuum sweepers walk-behind

For courtyards, paths, workshops and halls. For caretakers, tradesmen, contract cleaners and industry. Walk-behind sweepers and sweeper vacuums are ergonomic and easy to use. They sweep thoroughly with low dust development - even in corners. Machines with traction drive are ideal from 300 m².

Kärcher  Vacuum sweepers ride-on

Vacuum sweepers ride-on

Economical, clean and efficient on medium-sized and large areas: thanks to the wide range of machines, Kärcher sweeper vacuums meet all requirements. Special importance is always attached to the latest, customer-oriented technology as well as easy handling, access and service.

Kärcher  Industrial sweepers

Industrial sweepers

Whether the logistics sector, steel processing, construction industry or cement works: Kärcher industrial sweepers are reliable and efficient. They are designed for the toughest industrial use for large areas and increased dirt volumes. The award-winning filter system ensures a dust-free environment even in extreme cases.

Kärcher sweepers and vacuum sweepers

One machine, many possibilities

Flexible in use, efficient in practice: Kärcher's sweepers and vacuum sweepers impress across the board. Their flexibility, easy handling and perfect cleaning results make sweeping tasks easier than ever.

Man seen cleaning using a Kärcher push sweeper

What is a vacuum sweeper?

High performance sweeping: vacuum sweepers remove dirt of all kinds from interior and exterior surfaces. How are they different from sweepers? When in use, the vacuum sweeper disperses dust using a roller brush, then vacuums the dust using a suction turbine (fan) and deposits it in a filter system.

How do vacuum sweepers work?

Different models require different sweeping principles.

Vacuum sweeper dustpan principle illustration

The dustpan principle

The roller brush turns in the opposite direction to the direction of travel. Consequently, dirt is moved to the front of the sweeper and into the waste container (direct dirt pick-up). Kärcher's push sweepers and industrial vacuum sweepers operate in line with this principle.


  • Low-dust sweeping due to lower brush speeds and a short "sweep path"
  • Less brush wear
  • Ideal for expansive and heavy dirt as well as fine dust
Vacuum sweeper throwing principle illustration

The throwing principle

The dirt is collected in the opposite direction to the direction of travel and is moved into the back dirt container via the main roller brush. Kärcher's walk-behind vacuum sweepers and ride-on vacuum sweepers operate in line with this principle.


  • Container allows up to 100% fill level
  • Ideal for coarse and light dirt
  • Collects coarse dirt with ease using a coarse dirt flap
  • Good overview due to forward seating position
Man seen cleaning a warehouse using a Kärcher ride-on vacuum sweeper

What are the areas of application for vacuum sweepers?

One machine, many areas of application: vacuum sweepers are used for larger interior and exterior surfaces, in particular. Compared to normal brooms, they remove even course and stubborn dirt, dust and waste quickly and effectively – with minimal effort.

Typical areas of application for sweepers/vacuum sweepers include:

  • Warehouses and logistics facilities
  • Factories
  • Car parks and loading ramps
  • Food and drink industry
  • Sport and leisure facilities
  • Steel and metal industry
  • Electronic industry
  • Pharmaceutical and chemical industry
  • Transport and transportation industry
  • Trade fair and conference centres

On which floors can sweepers and vacuum sweepers be used?

Different floor coverings and types of dirt also place different demands on the vacuum sweeper and relevant system. The standard main sweeper roller is the usual choice and stands out with its flexibility and long lifetime. However, the same roller brush is not suitable for all floor coverings. This is why Kärcher offers various solutions to help you achieve optimal cleaning results.

Woman seen cleaning artificial turf using a push vacuum sweeper

An overview of the various roller brushes:

Standard main sweeper roller for Kärcher sweepers

Standard main sweeper roller

  • Medium bristle hardness
  • Used for: normal street dirt, leaves or dusty environments on asphalt, screed or interlocking stones
Main sweeper roller, hard, for Kärcher sweepers

Main sweeper roller, hard

  • Significantly harder bristles, some of which also have steel inserts
  • Used for: rough surfaces and stubborn dirt or heavy waste
Main sweeper roller, soft, for Kärcher sweepers

Main sweeper roller, soft

  • Soft bristles
  • Used for: removing dirt and fine dust on smooth floors indoors
Main sweeper roller, antistatic, for Kärcher sweepers

Main sweeper roller, antistatic

  • Soft bristles
  • Used for: efficient carpet cleaning at trade fairs or sport facilities and hotels, for example
  • The following models are recommended for cleaning carpets and artificial turf: KM 75/40 W, KM 85/50 R, KM 90/60 R Adv
Woman sitting on a Kärcher ride-on sweeper

What area performance do vacuum sweepers have?

Vacuum sweeper performance varies and is dependent on model and equipment. An overview of the area cleaning performance (per hour) of the various vacuum sweepers can be seen in the below table. For comparison purposes: a commercially available hand brush's performance lies between 120 and 160 m² (max.).

Vacuum sweeper

Industrial vacuum sweepers

Area cleaning performance (per hour)

7200–28,000 m²

Vacuum sweeper

Ride-on vacuum sweepers

Area cleaning performance (per hour)

5100–13,600 m²

Vacuum sweeper

Walk-behind vacuum sweeper

Area cleaning performance (per hour)

3375–4725 m²

Vacuum sweeper

Push sweepers/vacuum sweepers

Area cleaning performance (per hour)

2800–3680 m²

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