If you want to enjoy your car for many years to come, you have to take care of it. Good car care does not only mean washing the car regularly, but also caring for the paint and bodywork, as well as keeping the interior clean. All it takes is a little time, suitable cleaning equipment and good care products. The best car care tips for an all-around well-cared-for car are here.

Kärcher car care tips: a man polishes his car

Car care is value preservation

Caring for your car not only ensures that it looks good for a long time to come, it also helps to ensure that the car retains its value. Regular sealing of the paintwork, for example, protects against weather-related damage, salt and dirt. It also prevents rust, which makes surfaces porous and damages the car in the long run.

Caring for your car

Before you start caring for the paint, seats made of fabric or leather, plastic, glass and metal surfaces, you should clean the car thoroughly. To maintain the car’s value the exterior and interior are equally important. Clean the exterior regularly not just when the car is particularly dirty. Washing the car frequently, is always good for the vehicle, whether in a car wash, or at home with the pressure washer and the appropriate accessories. You should also clean the interior at regular intervals, preferably with a wet and dry vacuum cleaner, a soft cloth and a suitable surface cleaner. You should also clean the wheels regularly, for example with a pressure washer and a rim cleaner. How often you clean the car depends not only on the degree of soiling, but also on your personal demand for cleanliness.

With the right equipment, cleaning products and the best car care tips, caring for your car is easy all year round. Furthermore, polishing and taking care of the paintwork is much easier to do on a well maintained and clean car:


While driving, new dirt accumulates quickly on the car’s windshield and back window of the car. It’s more than likely dirty splashes from the car in front on rainy days, insect residue, and dust during the hot season. Choosing the right car shampoo is required for keeping your car in good condition in the long run. To always maintain good visibility, you should regularly check the windshield wipers and top up water and windshield cleaner as needed.

Kärcher windscreen cleaner concentrates for summer and winter

Suitable products for car care