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The compact bagless vacuum cleaner VC 3 makes thorough cleaning without filter bags possible. Dust and dirt collect in a transparent container rather than in a filter bag. This saves not only expensive trips to the store and the hassle of filter bag changes, but it also shows at a glance when the vacuum cleaner needs to be emptied. In addition, thanks to the bagless system, no unpleasant odours are created - which is appreciated not only by allergy sufferers.

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Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Thanks to the multi-cyclone technology, Karcher compact bagless vacuum cleaner features outstanding functionality. While the overall performance of a bagged vacuum cleaner decreases as the filter bag fills, the bagless vacuum cleaner has no issue with respect to this matter.

Karcher VC3 is highly efficient as it offers consistent high power to make thorough cleaning possible without any loss of suction power.

Moreover, no filter bag required is an advantage. It saves you a great deal of money that you would otherwise have to spend on replacement filter bags, not to mention the expensive trips to the store and the hassle of filter bag changes. Indirectly, you reduce waste to the environment as a bagless vacuum cleaner uses a dirt cup that does not have to be replaced.

Collecting dust and dirt in a transparent waste container enables you to see the vacuumed dirt, and therefore also the powerful cleaning effect, at a glance. When the dust compartment fills up, simply empty the dirt cup and rinse it with water.

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Best Bagless Vacuum Cleaner For Allergy Sufferers Love

Invest in the right vacuum cleaner is crucial, especially if you or your family suffers from allergies or asthma. Good vacuum cleaners will make cleaning your home less hazardous to one’s health.

The HEPA 12 fitted to this bagless vacuum cleaner filters with minimal dust emissions, ensuring extremely clean air – ideal for allergy sufferers. Not only does it capable to pick up 99.5% of micro dust and tiny allergen particles, but it also retains the allergens from floating in the air while you're cleaning.

Another plus point is that no unpleasant odours are created due to the use of washable waste container - which is appreciated not only by allergy sufferers.

A Family-Friendly Canister Vacuum For Asian Home

With its elegant design and practical size, the yellow bagless vacuum cleaner fits perfectly into the modern Asian family home. Weighing in at 4.5kg, Karcher VC3 is best suited for homes with stairs and carpeted floors. Be it the gaps, corners, crevices, edges or other hard-to-reach areas, the nozzle is designed in a way that it is easier to manoeuvre into tight spaces.

Easy and convenient to use, Karcher bagless vacuum cleaner is suitable for both young and older people. Its telescopic suction tube enables you to adjust the tube to your height.

What's more, VC 3 is particularly quiet, causing only minimal disturbance. This makes it a perfect fit for daily use, especially if you have children or pets that are easily scared at home.

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