Micro Spray Nozzle

Spray collars with integrated needle can be attached anywhere on the Kärcher Rain System® hose. The adjustable Micro Sprayer can be adjusted as required.

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Spray collars are part of the Kärcher Rain System®. They can be attached anywhere on the Kärcher Rain System® hose. Installation is fast, easy and does not require tools. The integrated needle on the opened spray collar is simply stuck into the hose. By closing, the spray collar is securely fixed to the hose. The alignment of the spray angle can be adjusted horizontally and vertically thanks to the rotatable head. On the nozzle, the water volume can be adjusted from 0 - 55 l/h according to requirements and in order to conserve resources. The highly efficient Kärcher Rain System® watering system works with 4 bar pressure, features a 1/2" hose with drip and spray collars and combines the advantages of micro-dripping and conventional watering. The "Kärcher Rain System®" can be adjusted to almost any garden and works perfectly with the SensoTimer for need-based watering control.

Features and benefits
Fixation on the Kärcher Rain System® hose
Water volume can be regulated
Integrated needle in the collar
Adjustable spray head
Different nozzle heads
Resealable collar

Technical data

Max. pressure (bar) 4
Output volume at 4 bar (l/h) 55
Weight incl. packaging (kg) 0.1
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 15 x 24 x 54


  • Water volume can be regulated
  • Micro spray nozzles 360°, 1 piece(s)
  • Micro spray nozzles 180°, 2 piece(s)
  • Micro spray nozzles 90°, 2 piece(s)
Application areas
  • Garden watering
  • Flower beds, vegetable patches
  • Low-growing flowers