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Carpet cleaner BRC 50/70 W Bp

Battery-operated walk-behind carpet cleaner for basic and intermediate cleaning combined in one machine. Economical on areas of 600 to 2,000 m².

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The BRC 50/70 W Bp is the perfect machine for large and very large carpet areas. With its own drive, the machine allows effective intermediate and basic cleaning. Two separate tanks allow both the automatic cleaning agent dosage in iCapsol and in the spray extraction procedure.

Features and benefits
Carpet cleaner BRC 50/70 W Bp: Floating brush head with contra-rotating roller brushes
Floating brush head with contra-rotating roller brushes
Two roller brushes for high cleaning performance. Simultaneously cleans deep into the pile from two sides. Ensures uniform floor contact also on uneven surfaces.
Carpet cleaner BRC 50/70 W Bp: Battery-powered
Mains-independent cleaning without cable tripping hazard. Flexible to use, even in buildings with a lot of furniture. High level of convenience.
Carpet cleaner BRC 50/70 W Bp: Dose system with 2 tanks
Dose system with 2 tanks
Short work times and flexible possible applications. Users can quickly switch between basic cleaning and intermediate cleaning (with iCapsol). Economical cleaning agent consumption (1% for deep cleaning up to 6% for intermediate cleaning with iCapsol).
Brush replacement without tools
  • The roller brushes can be removed and replaced in an instant.
  • Roller brushes are easy to clean and remove hair from, for example.
  • Easy to check for wear and tear.

Technical data

Area performance (deep cleaning/iCapsol intermediate cleaning cleaning) (m²/h) 450 / 1250
Air flow rate (l/s) 71
Vacuum (mbar/kPa) 184 / 18,4
Spray pressure, intermediate cleaning (bar) 7
Spray pressure deep cleaning (bar) 7
Spray rate, intermediate cleaning (l/min) 0,9
Spray rate deep cleaning (l/min) 4
Brush working width (mm) 508
Vacuuming working width (mm) 610
Fresh/dirty water tank (l) 76 / 61
Turbine power (W) 375
Brush motor power (W) 375
Weight (kg) 172
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 1400 x 700 x 1100


  • Working direction, Forwards
  • iCapsol mode
  • On-board iCapsol tank
  • Number of rollers, 2 piece(s)