Scrubber drier B 90 R Classic Bp+D75+Squeegee

The B 90 R Classic Bp battery powered ride-on scrubber dryer is compact, versatile, features an extended tank capacity and variable working widths (55, 65, 75 cm).

The manoeuvrable alternative to any large walk-behind machine! The B 90 R Classic Bp ride-on scrubber dryer features the new brush head generation. Roller and disc brush heads can be used in different working widths (55-75 cm). The brushes are driven by a star-wheel mechanism. With a turning circle of only 1.6 m, this machine is very flexible and offers excellent manoeuvrability. This machine also features an extended tank capacity and is easy to fill with fresh water. Compact for easy storage and transport, for example in lifts. Openings in the battery compartment ensure adequate ventilation also during long periods of use. An additional flat pleated filter protects the turbine against corrosion.

Features and benefits
Highly manoeuvrable
  • Thanks to its very short and narrow construction style, the machine is very agile and easy to manoeuver despite large water volumes.
  • The 90° steering system allows you to turn on the spot.
  • A low centre of gravity ensures excellent road adherence.
Easy operation
  • The basic functions are easily controlled using the EASY switch.
  • Operating hours can be viewed on the display.
  • Additionally, the roller brushes ensure that water and therefore also cleaning agent are saved.
Long running time
  • Large compartment for a large battery capacity. Maintenance-free gel batteries in the pack variants.
Quick replacement
  • If required, the brush head can be replaced quickly with no need for tools.
  • The rollers on the R head can be changed in next to no time.
  • The brushes or pad drive boards on the D head are discarded using the foot pedal.
Straight or curved squeegee
  • For optimal suction on every floor. (Please order separately).
Large battery compartment
  • To allow the optional use of larger batteries - for even more service.
Good climbing ability and ground clearance
  • For easy transport and loading.
Corrosion-resistant flat pleated filter
  • For protecting the turbine against premature damage.
Short and sleek design
  • Extremely agile and easy to manoeuver (despite its large capacity).
Rapid filling (optional)
  • For automatic fresh water filling.

Technical data

Drive type Battery
Traction drive DC motor
Working width of brushes (mm) 750
Working width, vacuuming (mm) 1000
Tank of fresh/dirty water (l) 90 / 90
Brush rotational speed (rpm) 160
Brush contact pressure (kg) 38
Total permissible weight (kg) 460

Scope of supply

  • Disc brush
  • Squeegee, v-shape


  • Powerful traction drive
  • Automatic water stop
  • DOSE
  • Solenoid valve
  • 2-tank system
Scrubber drier B 90 R Classic Bp+D75+Squeegee
Scrubber drier B 90 R Classic Bp+D75+Squeegee
Scrubber drier B 90 R Classic Bp+D75+Squeegee
Scrubber drier B 90 R Classic Bp+D75+Squeegee
Application areas
  • Ideally suited for offices, car dealerships, retail establishments, hotels, canteens, hospitals and schools
Cleaning agents

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