Safety vacuum systems

Kärcher safety vacuum cleaners protect the health of operators exposed to respirable fine dust or health-endangering dusts such as asbestos dust.

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Special Vacuums

Fine dust is generally dangerous to health, however every type of dust, even coarse dust, can cause respiratory disease after prolonged exposure due to the harmful substances contained in these forms of dust. Mineral mixed dust of sand, lime, gypsum, cement or concrete occurring regularly in the building industry, almost always contains quartz fine dust, which can cause silicosis and lung cancer. The effects of dust on health depend on the type of dust, particle size, duration of exposure and the intensity of dust pollution. The inhalation of large amount of dust over a short period of time is particularly dangerous. And because dust is widely distributed, protection against dust concerns us all. The best protection against dust is to avoid it forming in the first place. Kärcher professional wet and dry vacuum cleaners in Malaysia offer efficient cleaning for every cleaning task. Decisive is the overall design with all filters and control elements, the ergonomics stability and optimal accessories. Kärcher vacuum cleaners provides the ideal solution for powerful safety vacuum cleaners which pick up dust directly on dust-generating tools or used in conjunction with suitable accessories for picking up dust from the floor or from devices. Kärcher safety vacuum cleaners can easily be connected to all standard power tools with a special adaptor. This form of direct vacuuming ensure a virtually dust-free environment and dust on floors and machines can be removed efficiently and reliably.