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Please complete the following form to register. Please register your warranty online within 7 days of purchase.

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The warranty granted by Kärcher does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer (particularly your guarantee). Please see the 2015 warranty conditions for further information regarding the content of the warranty, the duration and geographical scope of the warranty cover and the name and address of the warrantor.

Home & Garden warranty conditions

Your Kärcher product is manufactured to be free of faulty materials and workmanship for the following period:


Headline Text
High Pressure Washers 1 Year Warranty
Multi-Purpose Vacuum 1 Year Warranty
Vacuum Cleaners 1 Year Warranty
Steam Cleaners 1 Year Warranty
Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners 1 Year Warranty
Cordless Electric Broom 1 Year Warranty
Cordless Window Vacs 1 Year Warranty


Consumable items such as filters, brushes, hoses, o-rings, batteries, cloth sets, accessories and other normal wear and tear parts are excluded under this warranty.

Note: Home & Garden products used for commercial, industrial or rental purposes, is reduced to 30 days warranty.

For complete range of professional products, please visit or call Kärcher commercial & industrial sales division on 03-55650399.


Please retain copy of invoice / sales receipt / proof of purchase along with the warranty registration confirmation for any future warranty claims. If you are not able to furnish proof of purchase, you will be obliged to pay for any repairs.

Additional information please refer to our Home & Garden Warranty Conditions.