Automatic watering

Water timers – self-service for your flowers. Even when you are on holiday, you do not have to worry about your garden: Water timers from Kärcher regulate your watering system precisely according to plan.

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SensoTimer ST 6 eco!ogic

The intelligent SensoTimer ST 6 eco!ogic watering computer is based on the water demand of plants and waters with humidity control using a radio sensor.

The SensoTimer ST 6 eco!ogic water timers from Kärcher start and stop watering fully automatically. This saves you the chore of watering by hand and leaves you more time to look after the garden or do other free-time activities. A further advantage is that they use precisely the volume of water that is actually required. The sensor measures the soil moisture and activates watering as soon as it falls below the specified moisture level. This ensures water is used only when absolutely necessary. This makes them both economical and environmentally friendly.

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Moisture controlled watering

Efficient, water-saving and need-based watering of plants.

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Removable display

Convenient programming.

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Ecological sense

Kärcher’s intelligent and efficient technology as well as ideally matched products ensure the responsible use of natural resources. By extending the eco!ogic range to include garden products, Kärcher has demonstrated its sense of ecological responsibility for its newest products. Of special importance here is the elimination of energy consumption in standby mode and our maximum efficiency watering control system.

1 Supply from alternative water sources.
2 Control of water quantity.
3 Delivers the required water quantities.
4 Distribution without wasting water.

Save electricity

Kärcherʼs durable and easy-to-operate high-quality pumps are ideal for alternative water sources. The pumps switch on and off automatically as required. Multistage pumps provide increased power and efficiency and lower noise levels. They provide the same flow rate as conventional jet pumps but consume 30 % less energy. The eco!ogic models with a 0-watt stand-by function are even more energy efficient.

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Save water

The new SensoTimer water timer with radio-based moisture sensors represents intelligent and efficient watering technology. The moisture level of the soil is transmitted every 30 minutes and the watering system only starts if it is actually required. To avoid duplicated watering, the sensor measures the level of moisture near ground level. Thanks to the eco!ogic function, watering can be delayed if required, allowing you to save more water.

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Responsible choice of materials

Kärcher places a huge emphasis on the careful selection of materials and avoids substances such as phthalate and heavy metals that are detrimental to the environment and to health. Additional benefits: The hoses, which have been optimised in terms of functionality and handling, are robust, flexible and resistant to kinks.

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Targeted distribution

The new Kärcher Rain System® gears itself precisely towards the needs of your plants and blends in perfectly with hedges, bushes, vegetable patches and flower beds. Water is supplied only to the exact areas that require it, making it both environmentally friendly and easy on your budget. The consistent pressure distribution allows water to be distributed evenly, even at a distance of 50 metres. You can adjust the water volume to suit your requirements.

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SensoTimer ST 6 eco!ogic


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