IB 15/80 15741000 https://www.kaercher.com/my/discontinued-machines/ib-15-80-15741000.html The IB 15/80 ice blaster is an innovative blasting machine that uses dry ic pellets (solid carbon dioxide snow) as an abrasive. Dry ice cleaning is especially gentle on surfaces. Dry ice blasting with the IB 15/80 is suitable for removing binding and release agents, silicone and rubber residue, oil, grease, pitch, bitu-men, dirt, ink, resin, adhesives, wax and paints, chewing gum, graffiti and much more besides. For use in auto -mobile, plastics, electrical, packaging and food industries, foundries, printing shops, metal-working, engineering, etc.

Dry ice blaster IB 15/80

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