Automatic watering

Water timers for garden watering - Self-service for your flowers. Even when you are on holiday or away from home, you needn't worry about your garden. Because Kärcher water timers control the garden watering precisely according to plan, with the specific quantity of water as required.

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Pamper your garden

Kärcher’s water timer will bring a smile to the faces of garden lovers everywhere. Watering products designed to work in perfect unison allow you to work responsibly with your natural resources. This ensures that precious water is used in the most effective and economical way. Innovative water timer ensures that your plants are provided with the exact volume of water that they require to grow. To ensure that you can take maximum pleasure from the natural beauty of your garden, Kärcher provides maximum efficient watering systems. Kärcher water timer is now available in Malaysia; you know you have made the right choice. Kärcher makes a difference.

Sophisticated technology

Kärcher water timers start and stop the watering process automatically. This saves you the chore of watering by hand and leaves you more time to look after the garden or pursue other leisure activities. A further advantage is that it uses precisely the volume of water that is actually required. Kärcher water timer switches on and off accordance to time you set. This makes it both economical and environmentally friendly.

Water is our element

As one of the leading global manufacturers of high-pressure units, Kärcher is constantly setting new standards in the areas of technology and innovation. Kärcher’s robust and intelligent watering system ensures accurate and resource-conserving water distribution.