Hose storage and hose trolley

Greater mobility, less pulling and tugging: the new hose trolleys from Kärcher make gardening considerably easier. Because they mean that the chore of dragging the hose through the garden is no longer necessary. Instead, it can now be moved effortlessly from A to B. So obstacles can now be very easily and smoothly bypassed. And with the practical Kärcher storage system, e.g. the Premium CR 7.220 automatic hose reel with smooth automatic hose retraction, integrated angle adjustment and 180° swivel function, hoses can be compactly stored and quickly brought out again when needed.

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The new freedom of mobility

More mobility, less pulling and tugging, Kärcher’s new hose trolleys make garden work a lot easier. At last there is no more annoying tugging on the hose or need to pull the hose through your garden. Instead with the new hose trolley, hose can conveniently transported by the hose trolley from A to B. Obstacles can now be bypassed smoothly and with ease. Simply uncoil the hose and let it lay on the ground along the path to the trolley. The long section of the hose is connected to the water tap, while the shorter section is used for watering. The result: no more tedious pulling on the hose, the hose trolley doesn’t constantly tip over and significantly less damage. The new Kärcher hose trolley can be fold and store it which takes up minimal storage space. The innovative Kärcher hose holder systems set new standards in functionality, design and quality. The hose holder, hose carrier and hose trolley have proven themselves to be refined expedients for efficiently watering the garden. Especially the new hose trolley with accessory holder and storage hook for the short hose end makes work a lot easier. Kärcher offers a variety of wide range of watering system.

Water is our element

As one of the leading global manufacturers of high-pressure units, Kärcher is constantly setting new standards in the areas of technology and innovation. Kärcher innovative watering system ensures a lovely garden at your home.