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Spray-extraction cleaner Puzzi 10/2 Adv

Puzzi 10/2 Adv: Spray extraction machine with defoamer dosage, cleaning agent compartment, integrated cable hook, holder for handle with trigger/suction pipe and a power outlet for PW 30/1 for improved area performance.

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Puzzi 10/2 Adv, the spray extraction machine with 2 bar spray pressure. Ideal for cleaning textile surfaces. With the PW 30/1 roller brush connected, the Puzzi 10/2 Adv is impressive, even on medium-sized surfaces. The integrated defoamer dosage prevents too much foam from forming in the dirty water tank, especially when rinsing shampooed carpets. With defoamer dosage, storage compartment for cleaning agent tabs, power outlet for PW 30/1 to increase area performance, integrated cable hook and holder for handle with trigger and suction pipe.

Features and benefits
Spray-extraction cleaner Puzzi 10/2 Adv: Perfectly suitable for everyday use.
Perfectly suitable for everyday use.
Adjustment of the handle without any tools; accessory/cord fixings; quick change from floor to upholstery nozzle. Quickly adapts to different requirements. Simple, easy to learn operating concept.
Spray-extraction cleaner Puzzi 10/2 Adv: Improved cleaning performance
Improved cleaning performance
With integrated adapter for the PW 30/1 additional power brush. High cleaning performance. Integrated roller brush for raising the pile.
Spray-extraction cleaner Puzzi 10/2 Adv: Storage compartment for cleaning agent tablets
Storage compartment for cleaning agent tablets
With practical on-board storage compartment for tabs. For need-based dosing.
  • A range of accessories for versatile applications (e.g. crevice nozzle for cleaning car seats and upholstery).

Technical data

Max. area performance (m²/h/m²/h) 30 / 45
Air flow rate (l/s) 54
Vacuum (mbar/kPa) 220 / 22
Spray rate (l/min) 2
Spray pressure (bar) 2
Fresh/dirty water tank (l) 10 - 9
Turbine power (W) 1250
Pump power (W) 80
Voltage (V) 220 - 240
Weight (kg) 11,5
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 705 x 320 x 435


  • Spray hose with integrated water feed, 2.5 m
  • Power outlet for professional power brush, PW 30/1
  • Additional handle
  • Fixing for manual nozzle
  • Cable hook
  • Narrow floor nozzle with flexible suction lip
  • Handle with trigger