Jobs in tank interior cleaning are generally complex and can have very specific properties: Size and geometry of the tank/container, typical contamination, external factors. The Kärcher system solutions are designed specifically to that effect. We show you some convincing examples here.

Tank and silo cleaning without limits.

Interior cleaning & drying

The professional main wash with interior cleaner and subsequent
drying reduces cleaning times and downtimes
and allows faster refilling.

The drying by means of oil- or gas-fired drying units
makes possible the fast blowing out of the tank interior.

External cleaning

The cleaning of external areas in contact with media such as dome covers and
container wall protects against the re-entry of dirt.

Perfection in combination – 20 foot container.

The cleaning of containers in combined transport rail-ship-road requires powerful and reliable cleaning systems. This logistics system has specific requirements due to its long-range connectivity and short cycle times.

Cleaning station, guarantee the flow of goods
Universal applications of interior cleaners

Perfect cleaning of tanks and containers of all sizes – IBC.

The cleaning and reuse of IBC containers offers convincing advantages over disposable use. Cleaning is more economical and owing to the high number of IBCs in the economy makes an important contribution to protecting the environment. Kärcher provides cleaning stations for all container sizes and substances.

IBC interior cleaning
Cleaning IBC container
TSC small systems, external cleaning
Easy separable cleaning agents

Specially for light barrels.

Kärcher cleaning stations for barrels make quick cleaning of light containers up to 750 mm diameters possible. Irrespective of their shape. The wash bay with cleaning heads and circulation tanks is preassembled and therefore "ready to use".

Mobile container cleaning systems
Container interior cleaning with high-pressure cleaner
Container interior cleaning, high pressure
Container interior cleaning with high-pressure cleaner, direct reuse of containers
Simple container interior cleaning, high-pressure cleaning
Special system Container interior cleaning High-quality oak barrels