Intermediate cleaning carpets

As beautiful, soft and noise-absorbing as carpets are, time takes a toll on them and they end up with traces and trails that a simple household vacuum cleaner struggles to remove. In order to extend the time until you need to carry out a replacement, you yourself can do a complete carpet clean. The techniques from iCapsol to microfiber or yarn pads are also suitable for moisture-sensitive floor coverings and substrates or areas where a short drying time is required, such as hotel lobbies or corridors.

A woman cleans a red carpet with a Kärcher handheld vacuum sweeper

Method for intermediate cleaning carpets

Complete carpet cleaning uses methods such as iCapsol, microfiber/yarn pads with pressurised storage sprayer, and spray extraction in conjunction with iCapsol technology. Before starting work, the carpet’s cleaning style needs to be checked, taking into account the substrate, adhesive/fixation, carpet backing, backing materials as well as the wear layer.

Carpet care

Carpet feels warm, muffles noises and creates a feel-good atmosphere. Depending on the material and quality, textile floor coverings are more or less sensitive to moisture. Removing stains from textile, unlike other coverings, involves more effort. This can quickly lead to an unkempt appearance. Carpet care and maintenance requires some expertise, because the structure of the textile covering should be known as well as the cleaning characteristics of the individual parts. Here is what to consider when cleaning carpets and how to quickly remove stains during maintenance cleaning.

A service staff member cleans the carpet with a Kärcher vacuum cleaner in a hotel room.

Preparation for intermediate carpet cleaning

It is important to prepare before cleaning. First of all, turn off the floor heating in time, so that the heat does not dry the applied cleaning agent. Movable furniture is removed - sketches or photos can be made for later putting away. Components that cannot be removed should be protected with foil to prevent damage.

Intermediate cleaning carpets: iCapsol for textile coverings

The ‘iCapsol process’ is suitable for coverings sensitive to moisture, and stands out with its short drying times and high surface performance. It can also remove unpleasant odors with the appropriate cleaning agents.

A man cleans a long hotel hallway carpet with a Kärcher vacuum cleaner.

How it works

A special diluted cleaning agent is sprayed onto the floor during the iCapsol process. The manufacturer's instructions must be followed. The floor is then worked crosswise with a contra-rotating roller machine. The cleaning agent used captures the dissolved dirt during the drying time, taking 60 to 120 minutes. Subsequently, the crystallised dirt can be picked up by crosswise sweeping with a carpet brush vacuum cleaner, as only these machines have sufficient mechanics.

Microfibre/yarn pad method for intermediate carpet cleaning

The advantage of cleaning with microfibre or yarn pads together with surfactant-free cleaning agents are the short drying times and a low rate at which fibres getting dirty again. Moisture-sensitive coatings can also be processed with this method.

A man cleans a hallway carpet with a Kärcher single disc machine

How it works

First, a surfactant-free cleaner is applied evenly to the textile using a pressurised storage tank sprayer. Working in sections of about 20 square meters at a time is recommended. The surface is then cleaned in small circular motions with a single-disc machine with a yarn or microfiber pad. The pad absorbs the dirt.

Tip – wet the fibre pad:

To avoid damage due to excessive friction, it is recommended to wet the fibre pad with the cleaning agent.

Tip – accelerate drying:

If you want to speed up the drying process, the cleaned surface can be run over again with a dry pad.

Tip – use several pads:

The cleaning effect of the pads decreases with their use. Therefore, depending on the surface and level of dirt, several pads are necessary for one clean.

Spray extraction with iCapsol technology

In spray extraction, the cleaning agent is sprayed onto the floor under pressure, the dirt is loosened and then vacuumed away. In combination with iCapsol technology, the process can also be used for deep cleaning carpets, allowing thorough carpet cleaning. At the same time, there is less need for rinsing, so the carpets dry faster. Normally, the technique is used during an essential deep cleaning.

WARNING: Moisture-sensitive dirt or substrates should not be treated by means of spray extraction, as there is a risk of the dirt seeping through.

Basic carpet cleaning

Even with regular cleaning, intermediate cleaning doesn’t always achieve the desired results. That’s when you need to take extra measures to keep your carpet clean. There are three main methods to keep your carpets clean and pristine as long as possible. Spray extraction, wet carpet shampooing or the combination method, which combines spray extraction with the microfiber/yarn method.

Suitable products for your area of application

The CarpetPro Cleaning Agents

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