Don't worry about beautiful parquet – clean wooden floors quickly and gently

Whether in the living room, bedroom, dining room or hallway, wooden floors are becoming increasingly popular not least due to their appearance. But care is advised when it comes to cleaning: wooden floors are sensitive to water. How should you then proceed without damaging the floor covering? With the right floor cleaner, worrying about beautiful parquet is a thing of the past.

Simple cleaning of wooden floors with the FC 5 Cordless

Special characteristics of wooden floors

When it comes to wooden floors, a distinction is made between parquet, floorboards and laminate, with parquet and floorboards consisting solely of wood while laminate is made up of a mixture of materials with fibreboard. Each type of floor covering possesses its own specific properties:

Parquet is available in different variations, for instance strip parquet, mosaic parquet or herringbone parquet. As is the case with floorboards, the surface treatment is important for parquet: they are either waxed, oiled or varnished. Wooden floors may swell or shrink depending on the humidity. They are also sensitive to moisture. This means that, when cleaning, it is important to ensure that as little moisture as possible remains on the floor.

Laminate is usually laid with a wood effect, but is also available with a tile or stone effect. It consists of fibreboard as a base layer, a decorative layer and a clear melamine resin layer on top, referred to as the overlay. The surface is scratch-resistant and easy to clean, but the edges are usually sensitive to moisture – particularly when the laminate has been laid incorrectly.

Damp wiping with the FC 5 floor cleaner

Since wooden floors are sensitive to moisture, it is important to use as little water as possible when cleaning them. The FC 3 Cordless and FC 5 floor cleaners are ideal for gentle, damp wiping as they leave behind minimal residual moisture, which dries fully in just a few minutes.

Cleaning with the FC 5

FC 5 and FC 5 Cordless

  • 2-in-1 cleaning system: wipes and vacuums up the dirty water at the same time
  • Either with a cord or battery-powered without a cord
  • Two-tank system: the FC 5 has one fresh water tank and one dirty water tank
  • Two rotating microfibre rollers
  • Roller self-cleaning function in the parking station
  • The position of the rollers makes it possible to wipe right up to the edge
  • Up to 90 percent water saving compared to wiping using a mop

Important note

Although the FC 5 features a suction function and can suck up small particles, it is not a replacement for cleaning using a vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning wooden floors step by step

remove dirt from wooden floors using a vacuum vac

1. Before wiping, remove dust and coarse dirt from wooden floors using a vacuum cleaner, cordless electric broom or conventional broom.

filling up the water tank of a FC 5

2. Remove the water tank on the FC 5 and fill it up to the mark. Add detergent according to the dosing instructions.

fitting washed rollers on a FC 5

3. Fit washed rollers to the FC 5, paying attention to the colour coding on the device and rollers (blue to blue, green to green).

Wiping with the FC 5 Cordless

4. Switch on the device and start cleaning, moving the machine forwards and backwards slowly in lines. Note: For the FC 5, wet the rollers in the station before use.

emptying waste water container

5. After cleaning, remove the waste water container from the device, empty it fully and rinse it out with fresh water. 

removing the microfiber roller from FC 3

6. Remove the microfibre rollers, wash them at 60 °C in a washing machine without fabric softener and then leave to dry.

recharching the battery of the FC 5 Cordless

7. Recharge battery-powered devices fully after use – until the LED display is continuously lit up.

setting the FC 3 at the parking station

8. Set the device down conveniently at the parking station until the next time you need to use it, attach the rollers to the device.

Additional tips for cleaning

  • To prevent overfilling the dirty water tank, it is recommended that you only half-fill the fresh water tank on the FC 5.

  • Do not spend too long cleaning one area so that the floor does not get too wet.

  • In the case of oiled or waxed wooden floors, you should also avoid spending too long on one area as doing so could remove the oil or wax from the wood.

  • Delicate floors, such as untreated cork floors, should be tested for water resistance in an inconspicuous area.