Kärcher cleans Loreley open-air theatre

As part of its cultural sponsorship programme, Kärcher was involved in preserving the Loreley open-air theatre in St. Goarshausen on the Loreley cliffs. Kärcher application engineers removed stone-damaging lichen, algae and emissions residues that had formed on the spectator terraces, towers and steps of the popular venue in recent decades.

Four different Kärcher cleaning appliances were used to carry out the work: coarse dirt on the undressed iron-bearing stone was removed using hot water high-pressure cleaners (type HDS 10/20-4 M) – without any chemicals. The machines operate at a water temperature of 95°C, 200 bar pressure and 1,000 l/h. The steam stage was at times required to remove deeply embedded deposits from the pores of the stone. The dirt blaster was used on towers and walls, with a detail nozzle rotating at 4,500 rpm. The power nozzle, which produces an impact pressure up to 40% higher than conventional flat jet nozzles with the same working width, was used on steps and seating.

Stubborn efflorescence (sinter) was removed using the particle-blasting gun, which uses compressed air to apply fine-grained blast furnace slag to the stone surface being cleaned. By adding water at the nozzle, the development of dust was largely prevented.

Iron railings and window grilles were gently cleaned using the IB 7/40 dry ice blaster, which removes rust and surface dirt without affecting the patina or altering the original character of the metal surfaces.

The MC 50 municipal sweeper was used to sweep in front of the main entrance and to tend the green areas behind the seating terraces of the open-air theatre. The quickly interchangeable attachment kits enabled the sweeper to perform both tasks. The machine can also be used for winter service.

Construction of the Loreley open-air theatre began in 1932; the inaugural play "William Tell" was performed seven years later. Initially the venue was used primarily for performances of theatrical classics. Since 1976, international rock and pop legends have been giving concerts on the open-air stage. Festivals are also held here, and operas are performed. The structure is located just a stone's throw from the Lorelei rock at the heart of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley UNESCO World Heritage Site.


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