Municipal equipment

Get more out of your machines – all year round. With 26 HP to 84 HP, Kärcher municipal machines offer outstanding power for every purpose. They also impress with their perfect cleaning results, robustness and almost unlimited areas of applications. Special attachments are available to utilise the full potential of these implement carriers. Optimal solutions for a wide variety of applications. Specially developed for Kärcher implement carriers in conjunction with reputable attachment manufacturers. Leading expertise in technology and application combine for exemplary efficiency through optimal utilisation of the machines.

Perfect for all surfaces.

Kärcher municipal sweepers deliver exceptional performance everywhere: on large areas, difficult surfaces, roads, paths, car parks, grassed surfaces and in winter service. Each of these robust machines forms, together with attachments, an application-optimised solution in terms of power, operability and efficiency. And with it an investment that maintains its efficiency and value over years.

Municipal equipment

Sweep better with a third brush

With the third side brush, the actual sweeping width is extended from 1,400 to 2,000 mm. Sweeping under obstacles such as park benches is also made significantly easier, as is the sweeping of kerbs.

Municipal equipment

Suction power in your hands

The 4.5-m-long manual suction hose (ø 100 mm) aids in the vacuuming of light waste and is extremely flexible to use.

Municipal equipment

Unique suction system

A straight suction hose with 150 mm diameter in conjunction with a water circulation system and 500-litre container are combined in this unique system. The suction mouth is protected in the wheel contour. The suction hose can be quickly removed if blockages occur.

Municipal equipment

Everything up and out

With the hydraulic container lift over 145 cm, the contents of the container (500 l) can be quickly and fully emptied directly into a container or onto a composting area.

Municipal equipment

Weed brush with intake

For removing weeds at the roadside and vacuuming in one go. With two different hard bristles.

Specialists for working with liquids.

Kärcher specialises in the area of wet cleaning. Here, the whole experience of the market leader comes to the fore, as does the close cooperation with professional suppliers. The result is a complete range with attachments for use with water: for spot cleaning with high pressure.

Municipal equipment

High-pressure cleaner and sweeper

Innovative machine combination for cleaning machines and sweeping containers as well as for spot cleaning of corners and in small areas.

Municipal equipment

High-pressure cleaner with hose

Ideal for spot cleaning, for example of bus stops, bins, etc. Particularly effective in combination with the washing system.

Sweeping, mowing, clearing. The whole year round.

Kärcher municipal machines can sweep more than just professionally. These implement carriers for year-round use are developed in close cooperation with drivers. This is an important basis for the extraordinary power and efficiency of these machines in various sweeping conditions: from sweeping work to green care and winter service.

Municipal equipment

Mowing with container – unique system

Convert from sweeping to mowing in no time. Simply exchange the sweeping system for the mower. The cuttings are vacuumed in by the suction mouth and transported to the sweeping container. The sweeping container is used as a grass container.

Municipal equipment

Mowing with large container

Even greater mowing width for faster work progress on large areas.

Municipal equipment

Mowing with medium container

For large areas such as parks, also with side discharge.

Municipal equipment

Combined rotary-mulching mower

Rotary mower with three-blade system, rear discharge and hydraulic cutting height adjustment.

Municipal equipment

Large flail mower

High power thanks to an axial-piston hydraulic motor. As standard with cup blade for particularly clean cutting action. Also for high grass and uncontrolled growth.

Municipal equipment

Hedge shears – implement carrier on implement carrier

Different attachments can be mounted on the extension arm, including hedge shears, flail mower and pruning shears.

Municipal equipment

Extended flail mower

For the removal of roadside greenery, the extended flail mower can be used on both sides up to 3.5 m.

Municipal equipment

Compact flail mower

High power thanks to an axial-piston hydraulic motor. Also for high grass and uncontrolled growth.

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