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Microfibre wiping cloths

Microfibre cleaning cloth thoroughly cleans all smooth surfaces.

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Microfibre cleaning cloth thoroughly cleans all smooth surfaces, e.g. glass and windows. Spray bottle, WV 50 plus squeegee and window cleaner concentrate for streak-free windows. Window cleaning has never been so easy.

Features and benefits
High quality microfibre pad with abrasive and soft fibres
  • Dirt is removed optimally from the surface and collected in the cloth
  • Thanks to the abrasive fibres even coarse dirt is removed easily from the surface
  • The soft fibres maximise the amount of dirt picked up

Technical data

Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 210 x 125 x 45
Compatible machines
Application areas
  • For windows and glass surfaces
  • For streak-free cleaning of all glass and smooth surfaces