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Pump prefilter, small

Pump prefilter for protecting garden pumps, electronic booster pumps, and domestic water supplies from coarse dirt particles or sand.

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Pump prefilter for all common garden pumps, electronic booster pumps and domestic water supplies - particularly for devices without integrated filter and a flow rate up to 4,000 l/h. The prefilter effectively protects pumps against large dirt particles or sand, thus increasing their lifetime. The filter inlay can be removed for cleaning. The mesh size of the fine filter is 250µm (0.25 mm). The pump prefilter is suitable for all of the above pumps with a G1 connection thread (33.3 mm).

Features and benefits
Removable filter
  • The filter can be cleaned under running water, meaning it can be reused again and again.
Pump prefilter, small
  • For pumps with a water flow up to 4000 l/h
  • For additional protection of the pump against coarse dirt particles and sand

Technical data

Sizes up to 3,000 l/h
Weight (kg) 0,8
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 122 x 189 x 194
Mesh size (mm) 0,25
Compatible machines
Application areas
  • Provides protection for the pump against coarse dirt particles or sand
  • For connection to garden pumps and domestic water supply pumps for filtering dirt in the water.