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Suction ring 43 cm/17"

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Reduces dust development when sanding, crystallising, polishing or cleaning. The ring is used in conjunction with a wet and dry vacuum cleaner or a suction unit. The suction ring fits on single-disc machines with a diameter of 17"/43 cm and the models BDS 43/180 C or BDS 43/xxx C Adv in combination with external wet and dry vacuum cleaners. For models with the "Adv" prefix, the ring can be connected to the suction unit. H class antistatic safety vacuum cleaners with additional socket for hand-held grinder are ideal for sanding parquet floors. These vacuum cleaners also reliably vacuum health-endangering wood dust. A DN 32 reduction piece is required for DN 35 vacuum cleaners.

Features and benefits
Safer all-round protection
  • Follows any unevenness in the floor
  • Reliable reduction of the dust impact
  • Connection of the vacuum on the rear of the device
  • Cleaning or polishing
  • Sanding parquet
  • Crystallising
Systematic vacuuming
  • Perfectly tailored to the suction unit
  • Fits wet/dry vacuum cleaners with DN32