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Dry ice blaster IB 15/80

The IB 15/80 ice blaster is an innovative blasting machine that uses dry ic pellets (solid carbon dioxide snow) as an abrasive. Dry ice cleaning is especially gentle on surfaces. Dry ice blasting with the IB 15/80 is suitable for removing binding and release agents, silicone and rubber residue, oil, grease, pitch, bitu-men, dirt, ink, resin, adhesives, wax and paints, chewing gum, graffiti and much more besides. For use in auto -mobile, plastics, electrical, packaging and food industries, foundries, printing shops, metal-working, engineering, etc.

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Dry ice cleaning Kärcher dry ice blasting technology achieves gentle and thorough cleaning of vehicles, forms, surfaces and machines with very brief setup times and downtimes. In this process small pellets made of frozen (-79 °C) carbon dioxide are metered into a stream of compressed air and accelerated. The surface being cleaned is cooled considerably when hit by the pellets. Because of the shrinking of the dirt surface and subsurface tempered by different temperatures, the embrittled dirt film is torn up, and the pellets penetrate it and sublimate. The cleaning effect of dry ice blasting is based on the kinetic energy of the pellets, the embrittling and loosening of the dirt as well as the explosion-like sublimation of the pellets. The dry ice pellets are soft enough to ensure the extremely low abrasion on the surface. Just like other blasting processes, dry-ice blasting is suitable for complex surfaces otherwise treated by e.g. pressurised and other machines. Unlike sand, water or steam jets neither water nor abrasive remain on or in the object being cleaned; the cleaning agent literally dissolves into the air. The dirt merely needs to be blown off or taken up by e.g. a vacuum cleaner. Drying times no longer apply, and the cleaned machine can be used immediately. Since carbon dioxide – frozen or gaseous – conducts electricity very poorly, electrical installations can be blasted without causing any problems.Since neither water nor other foreign substances are used in dry ice cleaning, there are no corrossion problems that often require cumbersome subsequent cleaning as well as the expensive disposal of the cleaning agent and wastewater contaminated with the dirt. Since no foreign substances are used, one can often forgo dismantling parts from machines, which saves time and prevents damage to tools and sensitive parts that might otherwise come about by handling them. Hot tools can be blasted without having to cool them down in advance, which in many cases leads to improved results because the dirt does not adhere to the surface as much. The short-term cooling of the blasted surfaces in our experience leads to absolutely no damage. Ice blaster IB 15/80 The Der IB 15/80 was specially designed for use under the the most severe conditions. The machine, which weighs apprx. 90 kg, is highly mobile thanks to its cart principle and pneumatic tyres. The compressed air flow as well as the pellet metering unit are electrically controlled via a switch in the gun handle. An advantage of electric control is that unlike purely pneumatically controlled machines there is no risk of icing over since the machine works reliably and can be used in continuous operation without problems arising.

Features and benefits
Ergonomic blasting gun
  • Blasting gun with ergonomic handle and safety mechanism prevents accidental operation.
Intelligent design
  • With on-board blasting hose storage and stainless steel casing. Trolley concept for high mobility.

Technical data

Connection load (kW) 0,6
Compressed air connection Claw coupling (DIN3238)
Casing / frame Stainless steel (1.4301)
Air pressure (bar/MPa) 3 / 16 / 0,3 / 1,6
Air quality dry & oil free
Air flow (m³/min) 3 / 11,5
Sound pressure level (dB(A)) 125
Dry ice capacity (kg) 35
Dry ice pellets (diameter) (mm) 3
Dry ice consumption (kg/h) 30 / 100
Number of current phases (Ph) 1
Frequency (Hz) 50 / 60
Voltage (V) 220 / 240
Weight without accessories (kg) 90
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 850 x 720 x 1100


  • Nozzle case with foam plastic insert
  • Lubricant, nozzle thread
  • Flat jet nozzle
  • Flat jet nozzle insert, 8 mm
  • Open-end wrench (for changing the nozzles), 2 piece(s)
  • Round spray nozzle, small
  • Spray hose with electrical control cable and quick coupling
  • Blasting gun (ergonomic & safe)
  • Switch for "air only" and "air and ice" on the blasting gun