Cleaning at car dealerships

It is essential that car dealerships are clean to create an impressive environment for consultations and a welcoming atmosphere for customers when purchasing a car.

Cleaning at car dealerships

Having a clean environment fosters trust and customer loyalty

Having a clean environment plays a key role in creating a positive atmosphere at car dealerships, which is essential to a successful sales pitch. Customers should feel comfortable – this involves not only offering a prestigious, professional brand image and expert salespeople, but also a well-maintained environment which is vital to the overall experience of buying a car and should impress customers. Polishing floors to a high gloss finish reflects the high quality of the vehicles, while the clean surfaces of the reception desk and tables attract customers to have an extended consultation. This is how maintaining a clean environment fosters trust and satisfaction, while ultimately also encouraging customer loyalty.

Floor cleaning at car dealerships

Having well-maintained floor coverings plays a key role in a car dealership's look and, therefore, in the purchasing experience as a whole. Polishing floors to a high gloss finish reflects the high quality of the vehicles and this cleaning should therefore be carried out on a weekly, or even daily, basis. Different cleaning methods are required depending on the floor covering.

Showrooms often have high-quality floors made of natural stone which add to the attractive presentation of the vehicles. Fine stoneware tiles are also often used in showrooms because of the wide range of colours and patterns available. In contrast, offices are generally fitted with carpet flooring. The correct method must be chosen in order to correctly clean and maintain the various floor coverings in car dealerships. This will ensure that their look and value will be maintained over many years.


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Cleaning fine stoneware tiles

Cleaning and maintaining natural stone

Cleaning and maintaining natural stone

Cleaning ceramic tiles

Cleaning ceramic tiles

Cleaning tasks at car dealerships

Suitable products for your area of application

Stubborn dirt and greasy oils can accumulate anywhere and are sometimes difficult to remove. Any contaminants generated should be thoroughly cleaned in order to improve occupational health and safety at workshops.

Having a clean and tidy warehouse not only helps to improve occupational health and safety, but also to increase efficiency and to protect the stored parts. 

Efficient vehicle cleaning removes both small dirt residues and stubborn dirt. This will require the right cleaning agent and appropriate cleaning machines. Each vehicle has individual cleaning requirements. Differences in shape and material, as well as soiling, must be taken into account during vehicle cleaning, care and maintenance.

Your reception area leaves the first lasting impression on customers. To make your mark straight away, you should keep this space particularly clean. Workshops benefit from cleanliness not only in visible areas; a hygienic environment in office spaces also ensures a pleasant working atmosphere. 

Having an outside area which is free of dirt is crucial in creating an overall impression of cleanliness. Different types of dirt can quickly accumulate in these areas due to their extensive use and the continuous effects of weathering. With powerful cleaning machines, this is kept in check all year round.

Surfaces in restroom areas can quickly accrue dirt and therefore need thorough cleaning. This means that slip hazards are prevented, stubborn contaminants are removed and hygienic conditions are ensured. Special cleaning machines meet these requirements.


The showrooms must also be polished to a high gloss finish so that the vehicles can be showcased in their splendour. Ultimately, showrooms should leave the same impression of cleanliness as the products they display. Using professional machines allows spotless cleaning of showrooms.

Wash bays must produce perfect results when it comes to vehicle cleaning. Customers require high-quality cleaning which meets their standards. Powerful and professional cleaning equipment is needed to achieve this.