Cleaning in horse husbandry

Regular cleaning in horse husbandry promotes the well-being and health of all the horses on the farm. The cleaner the stable, paddock, tack room and all other areas of the yard, the less likely they are to be a habitat for viruses, bacteria and parasites. Good hygiene in horse boxes and feed storage also plays an important role in preventing the transmission of pathogens.

Cleaning in horse husbandry

A focus on animal health

The cleaning and disinfection of the entire yard, including the stables, are important tasks in horse husbandry. This destroys pathogens, prevents diseases and increases the general well-being of the horses. Regular cleaning of horse boxes also contributes to the health of the animals. This is because cleanliness and hygiene during horse transport both ensure that the transmission of pathogens is prevented as much as possible.

Pathogens can also reach horses through their feed. Hygienic feed is the basis of successful horse husbandry. Cleanliness around feed and feed storage ensures that animal health is not endangered by rodents, other pests and mould or mycotoxins. Dust and contamination must therefore be removed from the silos on a regular basis.

Around the farm

Agricultural machinery and implements such as tractors are often used on a farm keeping horses. As they are an investment for the farm, regular cleaning is all the more important especially seeing as this contributes to maintaining their functionality and their value. This helps to avoid costs for breakdowns and repairs and means the machines are ready when needed.

In addition, photovoltaic systems, that is, solar panel systems, are often located on stables or warehouses. If you have already invested in a high-pressure cleaner for the cleaning the farm, you can also clean the photovoltaic systems well with a high-pressure cleaner and the appropriate accessories. If they are not regularly cleaned, the electricity yield can drop by up to 30 percent due to traces left by weather and air pollution.

Cleaning tasks in equine husbandry

Suitable products for your area of application

Good stable hygiene promotes the well-being of all the horses on a farm. So regularly cleaning stables is essential.

Livestock trucks need to be cleaned and disinfected regularly to prevent the transmission of pathogens.

Thorough and regular silo cleaning using high-pressure cleaners and wet and dry vacuum cleaners prevents pathogens from reaching the animals through the feed.

Cleanliness in agricultural storage facilities ensures that animal health is not compromised by pathogens such as mould or mycotoxins.

In order to use solar power efficiently and to keep the electricity yield as high as possible, regularly cleaning any solar and photovoltaic systems is important.


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