Carrier system

Comfortable and universal carrying frame for reducing the required holding force when working with telescopic lances, garden tools and high-pressure lances.

Fatigue-free working, increased productivity: the universal carrying frame comprises a cushioned harness which is worn comfortably on the back with spring balancer and a snap hook for securing implements and tools. The carrier system transfers the weight of telescopic lances, high-pressure lances or garden tools to the entire torso of the operator so that the necessary holding force in the arms is reduced to almost zero. The spring balancer with retractable and extendible steel rope ensures that the force transfer is flexibly adapted to the desired holding position.

Features and benefits
 Carrier system: Maximum ergonomics
Maximum ergonomics
Transfers the entire weight of the tools and implements to the operator's torso. Effortless up and down movements thanks to support from the spring balancer. Reduces the required holding force in the arms to almost zero.
 Carrier system: Diverse use
Diverse use
Can be combined with telescopic lances, garden tools and high-pressure lances.
 Carrier system: Practical transport backpack
Practical transport backpack
Convenient transport and safe storage.

Technical data

Connection thread M22 x 1.5
Weight incl. packaging (kg) 6,4
Application areas
  • For fatigue-free work when cleaning façades with telescopic lances
  • For comfortable work activities with all types of garden tools
  • For energy-saving high-pressure cleaning with high-pressure lances