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Polluted air is always a problem, caused by vapours from carpets, pollen count, germs or poor air quality after a long conference in the meeting room. All this can result in an inability to concentrate, headaches, a blocked nose and even asthma attacks. Say goodbye to these problems with our air purifier: switch on the air purifier – and breathe freely.

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Discover the highlights of our Kärcher AF 100 Air Purifier with integrated HEPA-14-Filter


HEPA 14 filter

HEPA 14 filter: the hygiene solution for clean indoor air

We come into contact with viruses, bacteria, fine dust and allergens every day, which circulate in indoor air in offices, hotels, hospitals, doctors' practices, schools, as well as in our houses and apartments, of course. Respiratory ailments are often the long-term consequence.

The Kärcher HEPA 14 filter provides lasting assistance to filter aerosols from the air in enclosed spaces and remove harmful particles. Built into Kärcher air filtration devices and dry vacuum cleaners, they clean indoor air efficiently and reliably.

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