Manual Cleaning Equipment

Tact is irreplaceable. Manual cleaning equipment is essential for the daily maintenance cleaning of floors, surfaces or windows. Particularly in areas that are difficult to access with machines. We provide customised solutions for efficient, professional cleaning processes and the highest standards. High-quality, ergonomic manual tools make absolute cleanliness possible.

Kärcher  Cleaning trolley, transport trolley & mobile bucket systems

Cleaning trolley, transport trolley & mobile bucket systems

Different basic equipment, a modular and ergonomic structure, as well as the robust durability of our cleaning trolleys make efficient and economical maintenance cleaning possible.

Kärcher  Floor and surface - dry cleaning

Floor and surface - dry cleaning

Our quality products make the dry cleaning of surfaces and floors very easy. Thanks to the useful assistant, cleaning is done in no time – effortless and simple.

Kärcher  Floor - wet cleaning

Floor - wet cleaning

The right equipment for the economical and effective wet cleaning of floors – particularly in areas that are difficult to access with machines.

Kärcher  Surface - wet cleaning

Surface - wet cleaning

Ergonomically designed products for the manual wet cleaning of surfaces. Characterised by top quality for superb dirt pick-up. Guarantees reliable cleanliness.

Kärcher  Window cleaning

Window cleaning

Top quality for professionals. The streak-free cleaning of glass requires an ergonomic design, safe connection parts and versatile components. For safe and economical work.

Kärcher  Cleaning implements

Cleaning implements

More time for the important things: perfectly coordinated cleaning utensils for manual cleaning. For greater efficiency and speed in an instant.

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Despite all the benefits that using Kärcher machines and detergents offers, there are still tasks that can only be completed by hand. In order to also complete these tasks hygienically and efficiently, cleaning trolleys, buckets, mops and waste containers from TTS Cleaning are therefore now part of the Kärcher portfolio.