Cleaning implements

More time for the important things: perfectly coordinated cleaning utensils for manual cleaning. For greater efficiency and speed in an instant.

Kärcher  Safety equipment

Safety equipment

Safety is always paramount. Warnings increase mindfulness and warn against possible dangers and obstacles in good time.

Kärcher  Holsters


Always on the job, always close at hand. With these convenient holsters, cleaning agents and utensils for manual cleaning are always readily at hand.

Kärcher  Pads & holders

Pads & holders

For every application: Our large selection of different pads and holders for cleaning professionals in all areas. Practical operation for simple and efficient cleaning processes.

Kärcher  Sponges


No hard feelings! Our comprehensive range of sponges offer the perfect solution for every requirement. Top product quality for a reliable cleaning result.

Kärcher  Toilet utensils

Toilet utensils

True professionals in their field. Our high-quality utensils for the hygienic cleaning of toilets and sanitary facilities.

Kärcher  Rubbish bins

Rubbish bins

For everyone concerned with waste. Our high-quality rubbish bins in different sizes and designs are suitable for the reliable capture and disposal of all waste.