Water filter system

The compact WPC 120 UF water filter system makes pure water with consistently high food quality from simple tap water. Four filter stages remove viruses and bacteria, as well as the finest particles, improve the taste of the water and retain important minerals. The system does not need a pump or power connection and can be easily installed in every household. For safe water consumption according to your own quality standards for the entire family.

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Three reasons to use our WPC 120 UF water filter system

Effective filtering

The powerful 4-stage filter system reliably removes particles such as microplastics, reduces heavy metals and drug residues in the water and withholds bacteria and viruses. At the same time, valuable minerals are retained, which are important for the body and improve the taste of the water.

Kärcher WPC 120 UF

Easy installation and operation

No pump, no power connection: the WPC 120 UF water filter only requires a water connection and some space; for example, in the base cabinet under the kitchen sink. The designer fitting for extracting the filtered water can also be easily installed and operated like a normal tap and is already included in the scope of supply.

WPC 120 UF in the base cabinet under the kitchen sink

Easy maintenance

Regular exchange of the filter suffices for reliable functioning. The filter can be easily removed with just one turn. The Pre-Pure filter only has to be exchanged roughly every 3 to 6 months (or after 2,500 l); the Hy-Protect and the Post-Protect filters last up to 12 months (or for the filtering of 2,500 l).

WPC 120 UF filter replacement

How it works

What does the Kärcher WPC 120 UF water filter do?

The WPC 120 UF water filter reliably removes pollutants and particles from tap water, including:

Pictogram for viruses & bacteria

Viruses and bacteria

Pictogram for drug residues

Drug residues

Pictogram for chlorine


Pictogram for particles and microplastics

Particles and microplastics

Pictogram for heavy metals

Heavy metals


The water filter system must be installed at the extraction site (generally the kitchen) and operated with tap water that satisfies the minimum WHO standards for drinking water. The system is not suitable for filtering salt or well water.

The system can be connected to all normal household 3/8" water connections. Using the adapter included in the set, the filter system can also be connected to the existing tap. A power connection is not required.

The tap included in the scope of supply is only intended for the hygienic extraction of filtered water, e.g., for drinking, cooking or washing fruit and vegetables. Water that does not need to be filtered, for example for washing the dishes or cleaning, can be taken from the household tap. This relieves the filters and extends their lifetime.

Compared to osmosis systems, the ultrafiltration of our water filter system does not need a power connection or an additional waste water installation and is much more affordable.