Garden tools

Whether for lawn, hedge or tree maintenance, or the removal of weeds and leaves. With Kärcher garden tools, gardens become even nicer. And, thanks to the battery operation, without any noise or bothersome cables.

Kärcher  Battery lawn mower

Battery lawn mower

The manoeuvrable 18-volt lawn mowers are especially suitable for small to medium-sized lawns. For larger lawn areas, the powerful 36-volt lawn mowers are the ideal choice.

Kärcher  Battery lawn trimmer

Battery lawn trimmer

The Kärcher battery lawn trimmers ensure neatly cut edges and a nice lawn border. From easy to powerful, Kärcher offers the right solution for every area of application.

Kärcher  Battery hedge trimmers

Battery hedge trimmers

Perfect for shaping and trimming hedges and bushes. Thanks to the battery operation, quiet, practical and no bothersome cables.

Kärcher  Battery grass & shrub shear

Battery grass & shrub shear

With the battery powered grass shears, the trimming of lawn edges is easy work. And with a simple blade change, the tool becomes a pair of shrub shears for the precise modelling of shrubs.

Kärcher  Battery weed remover

Battery weed remover

No weeds can flourish against this battery weed remover. Dry moss and weeds can be eliminated effortlessly at the surface without causing back pain.

Kärcher  Battery leaf blowers and blower vacs

Battery leaf blowers and blower vacs

Conquer the autumn garden in a storm. The battery powered Kärcher leaf blower and blower vac ensure tidy paths and gardens in no time at all.

Kärcher  Battery chain saw

Battery chain saw

With simple chain tensioning, automatic chain lubrication and powerful cutting performance, the Kärcher battery chain saws achieve excellent results with convenient operation.

Kärcher  Battery tree lopper and pruning saw

Battery tree lopper and pruning saw

Effortless tree maintenance even in event of hard-to-access branches. No problem for the battery tree lopper or the battery pruning saw from Kärcher.

Kärcher  Battery Pressure Sprayer

Battery Pressure Sprayer

Plant protection and care at the touch of a button: The PSU 4-18 pressure sprayer with an 18 V exchangeable battery, 4 l tank and telescopic lance fertilises plants with its fine, even spray mist, fights pests and weeds in a targeted manner and conveniently waters small seedlings – without the need for laborious, manual pumping.

Kärcher  Battery-powered multifunction lamp

Battery-powered multifunction lamp

Brings light into the dark: The rechargeable battery lamp provides improved illumination wherever more light is needed when working in the dark or during leisure activities. Thanks to the integrated power bank function, you can charge electronic devices such as smartphones or tablets. More flexible than any torch, more mobile than a spotlight with a cable: the MFL 2-18 rechargeable battery lamp.


You are the ruler of your kingdom, the conqueror of the wild. Out here – at the gates of your castle – you are royalty. You reign supreme over your own little world and, with the help of the powerful battery garden tools from Kärcher, you can bring a renewed splendour to your garden: be it lawn, hedge and tree care or leaf and weed removal – bring back the WOW with Kärcher.

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Battery Universe

Whether 18 V, 36 V, Battery Power or Battery Power +: Here you find comprehensive information on the advantages, features and compatibility of the exchangeable battery systems from Kärcher.

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Wechselakku FAQs

Battery Power / Battery Power + FAQs

How long is the battery run time? Which batteries are compatible with which devices? How does Kärcher Real Time Technology work? Answers to these and other questions about the Kärcher exchangeable battery platforms can be found here in the Frequently Asked Questions.