Battery-powered multifunction lamp

Brings light into the dark: The rechargeable battery lamp provides improved illumination wherever more light is needed when working in the dark or during leisure activities. Thanks to the integrated power bank function, you can charge electronic devices such as smartphones or tablets. More flexible than any torch, more mobile than a spotlight with a cable: the MFL 2-18 rechargeable battery lamp.

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Pretty bright.

Discover our powerful LED work light now as part of the 18 V Kärcher Battery Power rechargeable battery platform. With its 2 joints, it allows the bright head to be flexibly orientated in any desired direction and offers impressive brightness of up to 280 lumens in 2 different levels. But that's not all! This battery lamp also has an integrated power bank function that allows you to charge not only your smartphone but also many other devices. Get the ultimate lighting solution that won't let you down even in the dark. And with a runtime of 9 hours with the 18/25 Battery Power rechargeable battery. With the large 18/50 Battery Power rechargeable battery, the runtime of the rechargeable lamp is even twice as long.

Features of Battery Lamp

Kärcher Battery Lamp Brightness Levels

Two brightness levels

Two brightness levels allow the brightness to be adjusted to the application situation, depending on whether maximum brightness (280 lm) or a dimmed light (80 lm) is desired.

Kärcher Battery Lamp Flexibility

Flexible joints

Two flexible joints allow optimal illumination in any desired direction, regardless of the position of the battery-powered lamp.

Kärcher Battery Lamp Power Bank Function

Power bank function

The built-in power bank function allows you to charge electronic devices such as smartphones or tablets on the go.

Kärcher Battery Lamp Carrying Handle

Carrying handle

The comfortable carrying handle makes the lamp easy to carry.

Kärcher battery lamp with interchangeable battery

18 V Kärcher interchangeable battery

The 18 V Kärcher interchangeable battery ensures a long runtime and unlimited flexibility.


Kärcher battery lamp for illumination


To illuminate dark areas when working in the workshop, basement or attic.

Kärcher battery lamp for camping

Leisure activities

For leisure activities, for example, while camping or on the terrace.

Power bank function of the Kärcher battery lamp


On the go to charge electronic devices.